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ride the pine

In sports (especially baseball), to remain sitting on the bench, rather than be an active participant in the game. Primarily heard in US. I'm not going to play next year if coach makes me ride the pine again this season. I rode the pine for the rest of the game after I pulled my hamstring sliding to first base.
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pine after someone or something

 and pine for someone or something; pine over someone or something
to long for or grieve for someone or something. Bob pined after Doris for weeks after she left. Dan is still pining for his lost dog. There is no point in pining over Claire.
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pine away (after someone or something)

to waste away in melancholy and longing for someone or something. A year later, he was still pining away after Claire. Still, he is pining away.
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ride the pine (or bench)

(of an athlete) not participate in a game or event, typically because of poor form. North American informal
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pine away

To wither or waste away from longing or grief: After its owner was killed, the old dog pined away and died.
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pine for

To long or grieve intensely for someone or something: All summer he sat in the garden pining for his girlfriend back home. Many teachers pine for the days when students were better behaved.
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This trait, along with the nutcracker's willingness to fly far with the seeds, helps the pines regenerate deep into the charred heart of seemingly inaccessible burn sites.
Sprawling Golden Gate Park is on the verge of invasion by an incurable and voracious fungus that is gradually destroying pine forests across California.
The alliance between White Pine and Lucent's elemedia reinforces my belief that only those firms who are able to establish the right kind of strategic relationships will be there amongst the survivors in this extremely competitive marketplace.
You see, this week's storm that dampened Southern California forced engineers to close the gated backcountry roads in the National Forest, including Pine Mountain Road that leads to the upper head of the Chorro Grande Trail, the downhill treasure I hoofed a few weeks back.
Habitat manipulation began in 1976, when mature pines were harvested for wood chips and paper and then seedlings planted to duplicate, within a matter of just a few years, the scruffy 80acre forest patches sprinkled with numerous sunny openings thick with grass and brushy cover that the warblers desire.
Gripping the handles of his steel auger, District Ranger John Peterson twisted the sharp corkscrew tip into the core of a tiny Ponderosa pine, barely three inches in diameter.
Fire is an even less-frequent visitor to the highest elevations, where whitebark pine and subalpine larch rule.
I was curious for my own purposes about what she thought of him,'' Pines said, adding that Downey's impression of Stein might play a role in his decision about whom to endorse.
Torrey Pines recently announced (Business Wire, Feb.
The federally endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, whose colonies have dwindled from an estimated 500,000 to some 5,000 nationwide, are almost wholly dependent for nesting habitat on longleaf pines more than a century old (the woodpecker excavates cavities in rotting heartwood).
Both companies also are suing the city over higher landing fees at LAX, although Pines said his firm is not handling that litigation - in which the city is being represented by Morrison & Foerster.
Managing the Rochester office is Peter Mason, who brings to Torrey Pines Research 28-plus years of experience in the development of electrophotographic copiers and printers and holds six patents related to electrophotography.
These "yellow belly" or yellow pines, as they're known, were three to four feet in diameter - maybe 150 feet high, rustically "plated" with seemingly endless sequences of jigsaw-like layers of rust-colored bark.
11, 1995--In the six years since the Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines was built, it has enjoyed several important industry awards, but never so many accolades in one year.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - With recent snow reducing the fire danger, Forest Service crews and contractors are at work thinning overgrown pine and fir forest bordering Big Pines Highway.