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take a long walk off a short pier

Go away and leave me alone. What you are doing or saying is really irritating. I'm really tired of your constant criticisms. Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?
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take a long walk on a short pier

To go away and leave one alone because what is being done or said is very irritating. Often used as an imperative. (A less common variant on the phrase "take a walk off a short pier.") A: "The experiment might work better if you actually knew what you were supposed to be mixing together." B: "You know what, Jenny? Why don't you take a long walk on a short pier?"
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Take a long walk off a short pier.

 and Go play in the traffic.
Inf. Get out of here!; Go do something that will get you permanently out of here! Get out of here! Take a long walk off a short pier! You bother me. Go play in the traffic.
See also: long, off, pier, short, take, walk
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But over the summer Piers and his co-host Susanna Reidhave enjoyed some time off- to the sadness of some of the show's viewers.
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Aesthetically, the piers embody the great Victorian tradition of total novelty and wistful nostalgia.
For years what remained of the pier seemed to be a bit of a local embarrassment and most of the old pier was gradually hidden behind ugly, modern panels.
CLEETHORPES The pier pavilion in 1955, left, was not the original 1873 structure.
The 2-dimensional frame system shown in Figure 2(a) represents a typical arrangement of two piers and their associated pier cap.
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Redcar pier was built in 1873, it suffered numerous mishaps with ship collisions, fires, deliberate breaching in the Second World War, damage by a mine explosion and storm damage before finally being demolished in 1981.
"Piers dominate their local environment and people have an emotional connection to them." Piers, with their theatres, sideshows and funfairs, boomed from late Victorian times and were a highlight of seaside towns all around Britain.
Holidaymakers could retreat to the pier in bad weather, with many comparatively cheap attractions keeping families occupied for hours.
The people behind some of the best known piers in Wales say a yearning to recapture traditional days out by the sea is behind the latest surge in crowds.
LLANDUDNO Pier is on the verge of being sold with hopes a deal could be announced this week.
The recent refurbishment of the pavilion at the gateway to the pier has added to its glory, drawing people back to take a stroll along the promenade and on to what is one of only two surviving pleasure piers in South Wales, the other being Mumbles.