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pick-up artist

A man devoted to using a specific set of strategies in order to seduce ("pick up") women, and who perhaps instructs other men in how to do the same. You know how everyone tells you to just be yourself when talking to a girl? Well, a pick-up artist will tell you to do the opposite.
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pick-up line

A sentence, phrase, or question used to start a flirtatious conversation with a potential romantic or sexual partner. "Have we met before?" is Ed's favorite pick-up line, even though it has a very low success rate with the ladies. If you hit on girls with that creepy pick-up line, I'm not surprised you keep getting rejected.
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1. n. something eaten or drunk to boost energy; a pick-me-up. Bartender, I need a little pickup.
2. n. a sudden increase in something, such as speed or tempo in music. There will be a pickup in sales during the Christmas season.
3. mod. spontaneous; unplanned. (see also scratch.) A pickup game can be fun if the sides are evenly matched.
4. n. an arrest. (Underworld.) Send Sergeant Townsend out to make the pickup.
5. n. someone whose acquaintance is made solely for sexual purposes. She’s no date. She’s just a pickup.
6. n. the power of a car’s engine as reflected in the car’s ability to reach a high speed quickly. Little cars hardly ever have enough pickup.
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"The pickup service needs to be on level terms with taxis by the end of the year, because intruders providing illegal taxi services are taking over the market - disguising themselves as licensed pickups by putting fake stickers on their vehicle."
Full-size half-ton pickups, on the other hand, provide a more comfortable ride and considerably more interior room than a mid-size, along with the ability to tow bigger trailers on the hitch and haul heavier loads in the bed.
Dynamic programming: a stochastic and dynamic model for the vehicle routing problem with deliveries and pickups was proposed and developed by [22] in 1999, considering vehicles with unit capacity and variable capacity, seeking to reduce the waiting time in the system demands.
Dialtone Pickups' patent-pending technology provides the guitar industry's first continuously adjustable-tone pickup, which currently is offered as a solderless drop-in humbucker replacement.
Leaf pickup programs in Eugene and Springfield will rev up again in coming weeks to collect the last of the fall's debris.
I have seen guys with delusions of grandeur about their pickup trucks being dangerously overloaded too many times.
With all the attention being paid to small cars, it's appropriate to pause and take stock of the situation for the vehicle at the other end of the weight ratings, the mighty pickup truck.
Sanyo has recently obtained the official approval from the Vietnamese province to start building an optical pickup plant in September for completion in April 2009.
Reverse logistics organizations are not accustomed to handling large quantities of heavy, unpackaged items and conducting serial number capture at the time of pickup. This results in the potential loss or theft of items in the transportation process.
Meanwhile, the Toyota Camry displaced the Dodge Ram pickup at No.
said Monday it will shortly release a new pickup truck in Thailand, the biggest automobile market in Southeast Asia.
Pickup ites in Blacksburg, Roanoke, Radford, Floyd, Christiansburg, Martinsville.
Nissan, though yet to sell a Titan, has a long and less than stellar history in the pickup market.
DOUBLE cab pickups are carrying off the buyers this year.
Last month's Technology Spotlight highlighted optical pickups for electric guitars.