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and spoof and card
in. to “fish” for passwords and personal information by trickery, on internet. (Sometimes by setting up a phony URL which people sign in to by giving their passwords or credit card numbers.) They must have been phishing to get my credit card number while I placed an order online.


and carding and phishing 1
n. stealing passwords and personal information on the internet. (see also phish for an explanation.) He set up an evil twin for spoofing at the coffee shop.
See also: spoof

phishing 1

See also: phish
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The increased focus of cyber criminals to conduct financial phishing attacks means users need to remain extra vigilant.
According to Sjouwerman, "Ninety-eight percent of cyber-attacks rely on social engineering and email phishing is the bad guys' preferred method.
com/phishing-scams-fbi-says-businesses-have-lost-5-billion-phishing-social-engineering-2536205) Phishing Scams: FBI Says Businesses Have Lost $5 Billion In Phishing, Social Engineering Attacks
The research presented in this paper was assembled to demonstrate the relationship between phishers and defacers, using the domains and timestamps in which phishing and defacement websites were reported.
Phishing attacks are classified in terms of attack methodology.
com has been the most popular cover for phishing attacks exploiting the names of online stores.
The average number of victims of a phishing site are just 10 and these sites exist for not more than 8-10 hours on average.
The security industry is continuously updating itself to fight off the phishing schemes and in Brazil and the UK, three men were arrested and jailed for their phishing schemes this year.
A typical phishing sends out millions of fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from popular Web sites that most users trust, such as eBay, Citibank, AOL, Microsoft and the FDIC.
LEGISLATION TO MAKE INTERNET phishing a crime was lost in the shuffle and failed to win passage in Congress last year but will have another chance with lawmakers in 2005.
McAfee Inc (NYSE: MFE), a provider of intrusion prevention products, has announced that McAfee SpamKiller for Mail Servers, McAfee SpamKiller for SecurityShield, McAfee Managed Mail Protection and McAfee SpamKiller appliances now include a new set of rules which detect phishing with up to 99% accuracy.
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