for the sake of

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for the sake of (someone)

Out of regard or respect for someone or something; for the benefit, advantage, or purpose of something or somebody. For the sake of those who have already read the chapter, I won't go into it in too much detail here today. For the sake of decency, please stop using such profane language in church!
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for the sake of

1. Also for one's sake. Out of consideration or regard for a person or thing; for someone's or something's advantage or good. For example, For Jill's sake we did not serve meat, or We have to stop fighting for the sake of family unity. [Early 1200s]
2. For the purpose or motive of, as in You like to quarrel only for the sake of an argument. [Early 1200s]
3. for God's sake. Also for goodness or heaven's or Pete's or pity's sake . An exclamation showing surprise, impatience, anger, or some other emotion, depending on the context. For example, For God's sake, I didn't expect to see you here, or Hurry up, for goodness sake, or For heaven's sake, how can you say such a mean thing? or For pity's sake, finish your dinner. The variants are euphemisms for God. [c. 1300] For a synonym, see for the love of, def. 2.
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for the sake of somebody/something


for somebody’s/something’s sake

in order to help somebody/something or because you like somebody/something: They stayed together for the sake of the children.You can do it. Please, for my sake.I hope you’re right, for all our sakes (= because this is important for all of us).
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References in classic literature ?
It was at Circle City, ere the year was out, that Pete's apprehensions were realized.
Also strongly recommended are Pete's other picture book adventures, including Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons, Pete the Cat Saves Christmas, Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses, Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues and Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes.
A grand tribute to this beloved musician, well-known for his talent with the banjo and 12-string guitar, Pete-Pak has traditional ballads, Pete's original compositions, and three songs recorded for the first time: "Huddie Ledbetter was a Helluva Man", "Natural History (Spider's Web)", and Don West's anthem of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".
Blakey had been Pete's watering hole for well over 30 years.
When Pete's mum's cancer returned a few months ago she was told she would need more chemotherapy which obviously meant she would lose her hair which had grown back after her first round of chemo.
Pete's criticism of Len becomes increasingly direct as the novel progresses; he calls Len a "rotten old shirt" and suggests that Len will be locked up in a matter of time if he does not buck up his ideas.
Brownie's laid-back personality is totally opposite to Pete's demanding one, and Charlie soon discovers he wants to adopt this sweet girl.
Pete, in his autobiography, is quite dismissive of his own talent but Trev witnessed a small window in Pete's performing art and was always impressed with the energy and strength of his performance at The Walsgrave.
When Pete's Grandfather comes to stay from the retirement village Pete realizes that his new furry friend Ink is no stranger to the family.
He slipped on his tennis shoes and went in the house to get Pete's pillow.
com)-- Pete's Fresh Market is commencing the ribbon cutting ceremony of its newest location in Oakbrook Terrace, on April 11th, 2012.
An exhibition of Pete's work and celebration of her life is going on show for family and friends on March 24.
If a mans word is his bond, Pete's family name was his honor.
So Beth, Peter, Erin, Patrick, today we also recognize and honor you for your strength, for your courage, for your fortitude throughout Pete's career.
Joe, headteacher at Ravenbank primary school, Lymm, said: "It really was a list of greats of film and theatre that went into Pete's home and had one of Pete's mum's r oasts.