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perve on (one)

To give one lewd, suggestive, and unwelcome looks or remarks. Some guy keeps coming around and perving on us—I'm going to go tell the bouncer. Stop perving on that group of girls, Mike. You look like a total creep.
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perve on someone

in. to leer at someone. Make that jerk stop perving on me.
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Figure 9 illustrates the simplified infrastructure of PerVE and the way it works.
Lord Archer went on out of the race to beco don Mayor in 2000 and for perjury and perve course of justice, after d had slept with a pros earlier libel case.
He is particularly attached to the verb "to perve," which seems to mean to catch a surreptitious look.
Be careful being out here with no clothes on, he says looking down at me, that guy next door's probably a perve. Probably, I say.
A PERVE RVE R RT teacher who boasted of working with "really hot kids" is living secretly in Scotland.
But the good thing about yoga is most of it is done with your eyes closed so you can't perve."
"The LFL is about giving viewers an opportunity to perve on women in gear that looks like it's come from an adult shop.