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of the persuasion that

Having the firm belief that something is the case. I actually know someone who's of the persuasion that the Earth is flat. They're pretty normal other than that bizarre conviction.
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of a/an/the (something) persuasion

Having the characteristics of a certain type or thing mentioned. Her parents are of a more conservative persuasion, so they don't really approve of our relationship. When it came to light that she had several friends of the communist persuasion, she was blacklisted from the industry immediately.
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of the persuasion (that)

holding a belief that something is true or is in existence. Anne is of the persuasion that supports that candidate for mayor. The paranoid person was of the persuasion that aliens lived among us.
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of a/the... persuasion

(formal or humorous) of the type mentioned: As a young man, Max had always been of an artistic persuasion.peers of the Liberal persuasion
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References in classic literature ?
However, by dint of perseverance and persuasion, I so far carried my point as to gain a reasonable concession.
Certainly, nothing but some such decreed unavoidable misery, which it was impossible for me to escape, could have pushed me forward against the calm reasonings and persuasions of my most retired thoughts, and against two such visible instructions as I had met with in my first attempt.
Under a mistaken persuasion of her possessions and claims, he had courted her acquaintance in Bath, solicited her company at Northanger, and designed her for his daughter-in-law.
And as for persuasion, I assure you I shan't trouble myself with that: I've enough to do to bear with him as he is, without attempting to work a reform.
John Grueby added no entreaties, but he adopted a different kind of persuasion, by putting his arm through one of Mr Haredale's, while his master took the other, and leading him away with all speed.
I remember the persuasion settling itself in my mind that the words those two men had said to each other would furnish us, not only with our justification for leaving the house, but with our weapons of defence against them as well.
The World Is Not Theirs': The Plight of Jane Fairfax in Emma" Persuasions HI (2015): 218-25.
Consumer involvement explains 16% of the persuasion related to the promotional text, which means that as involvement increases the persuasions related to the text will also elevate (0=2.
Because preservice teachers' mastery experiences occur later in their education, the last two sources of efficacy, vicarious experiences and verbal persuasions, are particularly important in establishing efficacy early.
They may have different views about that; they come from different political persuasions and philosophic persuasions, but I think they are trying to serve the public interest.
While Violent Persuasions manages to be both theoretically sophisticated and meticulously concrete, The Politics of Everyday Fear catapults one into a world of dense abstraction.
For many years, he prepared the annual "Jane Austen Studies" for Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line and, more recently, for the Jane Austen Society's Report.
The essays in Persuasions offer interpretations that seek to challenge readers' views about truth and fiction.
THIS ISSUE OF Persuasions gives us a special abundance of riches because it includes a sampling of the talks delivered at our unique 2003 AGM in Winchester.