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pile Pelion on Ossa

1. To further complicate something that is already tedious or challenging. Ossa and Pelion are two mountains in Greece. A: "I told Becky you would pick her up." B: "I already have so much to do today—quit piling Pelion on Ossa!" Just when I thought I was almost done sorting these files, my boss piled Pelion on Ossa and brought me another box of them.
2. To do something that seems futile. I know that I'm just piling Pelion on Ossa by telling you to stay away from that boy, but I'm your father, and I don't want to see you get hurt. That couch will never fit up the steps—tell them to stop piling Pelion on Ossa!
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heaping Pelion on Ossa

To further complicate something that is already tedious or challenging. Ossa and Pelion are two mountains in Greece. A: "I told Becky you would pick her up." B: "I already have so much to do today—quit heaping Pelion on Ossa!"
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pile (or heap) Pelion on Ossa

add an extra difficulty or task to an already difficult situation or undertaking. literary
In Greek mythology, the mountain Pelion was held to be the home of the centaurs, and the giants were said to have piled Mounts Olympus and Ossa on its summit in their attempt to reach the heavens and destroy the gods.
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heaping Pelion upon Ossa

Adding difficulty to difficulty; fruitless efforts. The reference is to the attempt by the giants in Greek mythology to climb to heaven by piling Mount Ossa upon Mount Pelion.
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The friendship at first seems unlikely, but Achilles singles Patroclus out as a companion and the friendship deepens into love when Achilles is sent to Chiron, the centaur, at Pelion for his education.
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choice of referents (the mountains Pelion and Olympus) transpose the
Asi hablo; y los aqueos, de hermosas grebas, holgaronse de que el magnanimo Pelion renunciara a la colera.
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Today's versions of Office applications are a sight more elegant than their predecessors and benefit from more stable operating systems than Microsoft once offered but, having added bell upon whistle and heaped Pelion on Ossa in features and workflow aids, it's difficult to see how Microsoft can change the desktop again.
Stretching, the grizzly spectacle to watch, are Ossa's peaks, and Pelion the Black.
Cuando Apolo vio que su amante moria, se lleno de compasion por el hijo no nacido, de modo que lo tomo del vientre de Coronis y lo llevo a la cueva del centauro Quiron en la tierra en Pelion, en Tesalia (4,7).
A seven-night stay at the Damouchari Hotel, where the stars of the film stayed while filming on the Pelion Peninsula, costs from pounds 640pp (two sharing) in July, including flights (Gatwick) and accommodation with breakfast.
Compressing the Byzantine intrigues of the French court into a few pages is probably an impossibility and matching it with the disruption of English politics following James I's death piles Pelion on Ossa.