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funny-peculiar or funny ha-ha

A phrase used when the speaker is trying to determine if someone else used the word "funny" to mean "strange" or "humorous." A: "That play sure is funny." B: "Do you mean funny-peculiar or funny ha-ha?"
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Strange, as opposed to humorous (the most common meaning of "funny"). That play sure is funny. Funny-peculiar, I mean—I don't know that I could sit through it again.

funny peculiar

odd; eccentric. (As opposed to funny ha-ha.) I didn't mean that Mrs. Peters is funny ha-ha. She's weird—funny peculiar in fact. His face is sort of funnyfunny peculiar, that is.
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References in classic literature ?
Hence it would appear probable, that the same causes which here make the immigrants of some peculiar species smaller, make most of the peculiar Galapageian species also smaller, as well as very generally more dusky coloured.
Bell, who well foresaw, from its short, broad head, and strong claws of equal length, that its habits of life would turn out very peculiar, and different from those of its nearest ally, the Iguana.
Hermit, too, he has his peculiar phrases of compotation, the
Having thus replied, to the best of my power, to the first class of your objections, or at least having shown my resolution to overleap the barriers which your prudence has raised, I will be brief in noticing that which is more peculiar to myself.
The passions, the sources from which these must spring in all their modifications, are generally the same in all ranks and conditions, all countries and ages; and it follows, as a matter of course, that the opinions, habits of thinking, and actions, however influenced by the peculiar state of society, must still, upon the whole, bear a strong resemblance to each other.
To take an illustration from a sister art, the antiquarian details may be said to represent the peculiar features of a landscape under delineation of the pencil.
Ransom Riggs has written a companion volume to his popular Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series and has cleverly presented this collection of ten short stories featuring the folklore of the peculiars I as though the author is one Millard Nullings, a peculiar himself and a former ward of Miss Peregrine's Home.
These short stories were collected and annotated by the fictional Millard Nullings, a scholar of the peculiars with a connection to Miss Peregrine herself and an inability to be seen with the naked eye.
Encoded within their pages are the locations of hidden loops, the secret identities of certain important peculiars, and other information that could aid a peculiar's survival in this hostile world.
Jackson) is on the hunt for peculiars, gobbling their eyes with great relish (and no one plays great relish, eye-gobbling or otherwise, like Jackson).
previously, while also expanding on the characters and building on the mythology of the Peculiars.
He and Hettie are Peculiars, children of a human mother and a faery father - and despised by both his races.
Photographer and author Ashley continues his series of peculiar books on peculiars with photos and commentary on a range of churches, squares and thoroughfares containing some of the weirdest art, statuary and spires in existence.
Westminster Abbey and St George's Chapel, Windsor, owe their allegiance to the Crown and are not under the authority of any Bishop or Archbishop and that is what makes them Royal peculiars.
Without the aid of a planning commission, it has managed to fill itself with ellipticals, pepper itself with spirals and even find room to scatter around a few peculiars.