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a/(one's) passport to (something)

That which allows one to find or access something good or desirable. The young woman's indomitable spirit and integrity are her passport to a position of leadership on the world stage. His incredible talent is his passport to a life of fame and fortune. Our dad always used to say that a good education was a passport to success in life.
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passport to something

Fig. something that allows something good to happen. John's new girlfriend is his passport to happiness. Anne's new job is a passport to financial security.
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Al Shamsi said increased awareness about the need to have at least six months' passport validity before travelling abroad have been encouraging Emiratis to renew the passports in time.
Earlier, a probe jointly carried out by Passport Office and the Federal Investigation Agency had revealed that around 84,000 government officials and senior bureaucrats had obtained passports in private capacity apparently to void getting mandatory No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from their departments before flying abroad.
He said passports are costly to acquire and many people do not regularly travel and use their passports in the current five years validity period.
The repercussion is that many Ghanaians who are in need of a passport for various reasons will have to wait for this challenge to be corrected.
The Department of Foreign Affairs earlier announced that it wouldbe issuing an order canceling all courtesy diplomatic passports after Del Rosario was denied entry to Hong Kong, a semiautonomous part of China.
It is not "unlawful"; it is a courtesy to those who have ceased doing the job requiring blue passports. We don't want to have them out there dishonored by foreign immigration by rejection.
Some 900,000 people have been issued with the new generation passports. Applications by 1.5 million others are pending.
Official sources told reporter here on Wednesday, an NOC and a recommendation of the respective department was needed for government officers/officials to renew their passports.
On expiry of the three-month deadline, the passports of defaulting officials may be blocked and their cases referred to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to initiate legal action, a senior government official told The Express Tribune.
24 -- Indians will soon be getting e-passports which will store their personal information as well as details of 30 international travels on a chip embedded within the passport booklet.
The Henley Passport Index ranks Taiwan's passport as the 29th strongest in the world, a ranking shared by Costa Rica.
Uzbekistan's passport ranked 68th in "The Passport Index 2018", from the Global Passport PowerRank, which compares the passports of different countries according to the principle of access of their citizens to other countries.
The Malaysian international passport with high security features is placed under rank 5 among the most powerful passports in the world which proved global recognition for Malaysia.
Islamabad -- The Director General Passport and Immigration Ishrat Ali has said that there is no crises in making of passports as some 160,000 passports are under process of preparations and only 25000 would be left by coming Monday.