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get out of your pram

To become very angry or aggressive. Primarily heard in UK. A: "It's positively infuriating!" B: "Oh, don't get out of your pram, Richard—this really isn't a big deal."
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throw (one's) toys out of the pram

To behave in a petulantly upset or angry manner; to act like an angry child. Primarily heard in UK. Manchester United's star striker threw his toys out of the pram after he was ejected from the match for biting another player.
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throw your toys out of the pram

If someone throws their toys out of the pram, they express their anger or disappointment in a childish way. They say he may have thrown his toys out of the pram after being made to report to Smith. Note: Words for names of toys are often used instead of toys with the same meaning. I for one, will certainly not be crying into my beer or throwing my rattle out of the pram. I hope that your girlfriend is prepared to stand up to you as you throw your dummy out of the pram.
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throw your toys out of the pram

have a temper tantrum. British informal
2005 Hecklerspray Some might suggest that for Oprah to throw her toys out of the pram because a French woman told her she couldn't look at some clothes comes across as…just a little arrogant.
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"I had actually wanted a Bugaboo (another brand of pram) but my partner saw this one and then wanted it more than me!
Natalie Allan, 23, of Winslow Close, Walker, Newcastle said: "I went in just last Tuesday and paid off the full amount of pounds 446 for my pram.
But he said when Laura went to bring the pram out for two-year-old son Evan, she discovered the car door was open.
Store founder, William Henry "Pram fashions change, of course.
Small babies won't fit in high chairs either so a practical way to bring them into the bar is to keep them in prams.
They exchanged words, with Smith telling her: "Don't you know I've lost my child?" Smith walked off at the stop but got back on and walked up to the pram.
Surely when building these centres you'd think they would allow enough space for prams and pushchairs.
In 2010, the prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus was 4.6% as listed on birth certificates, 8.7% on the PRAMS scale, and 9.2% as reported on either the PRAMS scale or birth certificates.
Councillors have now ruled that children's pushchairs or prams must not be transported in the vehicle unless they are folded and stored within the luggage compartment of the vehicle.
Dubai Beyonce's baby girl Ivy Blue Carter will move around in a pink diamond and crystal encrusted pram designed by a mystery Dubai-based designer.
The group has been piloted in the Bridgend area and was set up by the Perinatal Response and Management Service (PRAMS) at the Princess of Wales Hospital.
THE baby industry is still booming - with parents shelling out more than pounds 1000 on prams.
Jack, 20 - bad boy David Platt in the ITV1 soap - checked out the latest prams and cots on a shopping trip with Lauren, 20, in Manchester.