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Very disgruntled, irritated, angry, or outraged. (A euphemistic abbreviation of "pissed off.") John was so PO'd when he found out that someone else had been given the promotion instead of him. There's no point in getting PO'd over a bad grade on your exam. Just study harder next time!
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mod. pissed off. The teacher was POed at the whole class.
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As part of Poe's advocacy for the film industry, she has filed bills aimed at further promoting local movies and film tourism.
Install PoE capable access points or cameras (PDs) and upgrade the existing network switch to an expensive PoE PSE capable switch.
In urging Tondo residents to vote for Poe, Cuneta said she had been wanting to campaign for the senator and her father but did not because of her husband Senator Francis Pangilinan.
Edgar Allan Poe, the master of the macabre, was a 19th Century writer, editor and literary critic.
If they are fast in collecting, they must also be equally fast in giving the subsidies,' Poe told the media in Filipino.
PoE technology enables the delivery of power to IP network devices via existing Ethernet cables, reducing the need for additional cabling, saving time and money, simplifying network installation, and improving energy management.
The PoE appreciated the quality of all concrete works which have been completed on the project so far.
Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) is considered a central figure of the Romantic period in the United States and of American literature in general.
Deciphering Poe catches the attention of the reader with an implicit promise in the title: there are still aspects of Poe that must be deciphered, and scholars, Poe enthusiasts, and general audiences will want to know which and how.
Poe died of apparently natural causes while traveling, friends and family said.
"These are private individuals, if they will be [proven as] my blood relatives, I will be happy because they are decent and very kind people," said Poe, adding that "the DNA tests have been sent to another country.
TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) said it has introduced the Power over Ethernet (PoE) extender, a new component of the company's powered fiber cable system that extends the range PoE up to 3000 meters.
Ethylene-octene copolymer (POE) is a new family of polyolefin elastomer, which is developed using a metallocene catalyst by Dow and Exxon, and has received much attention due to its unique uniform distribution of comonomer content and narrow molecular weight distribution.