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Very disgruntled, irritated, angry, or outraged. ("PO'd" being a euphemistic abbreviation of "pissed off.") John was so PO'd when he found out that someone else had been given the promotion instead of him. There's no point in getting PO'd over a bad grade on your exam. Just study harder next time!


mod. pissed off. The teacher was POed at the whole class.
See also: POe
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At right, an unidentified fan of 'Da King' Fernando Poe Jr.
PoE technology enables the delivery of power to IP network devices via existing Ethernet cables, reducing the need for additional cabling, saving time and money, simplifying network installation, and improving energy management.
The PoE made recommendations for the additional resources which should be provided by the contractor at all the sites for maintaining the pace of work.
Em vida, Poe fez varios inimigos using up producoes literarias e atuacoes no campo editorial.
KEYWORDS: Edgar Allan Poe, ancient Greece, Hellenic language, philhellenism, Hellenic history, Hellenic tragedy.
Poe, through her legal counsel George Garcia, filed on Monday before the SC the petitions for certiorari and urgent motion for the issuance of a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Comelec decision.
Poe died of apparently natural causes while traveling, friends and family said.
This represents an order-of-magnitude improvement in PoE's reach from its nominal 100 meters, and opens up a new range of applications for PoE equipment such as CATV cameras, Wi-Fi access points, small cells and digital signage.
Given the limitations of data-transfer over Ethernet, the previous maximum distance between a PoE switch and network cameras was 100 meters.
In this article, POE/organo-montmorillonite (OMT) microcomposites and maleic anhydride-grafted POE (POE-g-MAH)/OMT nanocomposites were prepared through melting intercalation technology.
Ralph Waldo Emerson dismissed Poe as a "jingle man'' for his simplistic style, as if the author of "The Raven'' were writing television ads for toothpaste.
Wisely, then, none of these writers fetishizes fidelity to the adapted Poe text; instead, they examine how the adaptation operates in relation to Poe (the myth more often than the man) and his writing.
TPE-103I quickly creates an integrated PoE and non-PoE network.
This recent compilation of articles comprising manifold aspects of the works of Edgar Allan Poe certainly accomplishes its main objective, which is to reflect upon Poe's literary legacy and emphasise his undeniable presence in contemporary culture.