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have a bun in the oven

To be pregnant. You're having a baby shower for Carla today? Wow, I didn't even know she had a bun in the oven.
See also: bun, have, oven

have one in the oven

Fig. to be pregnant with a child. She's got three kids now and one in the oven.
See also: have, one, oven

have a bun in the oven

be pregnant. informal
See also: bun, have, oven

have a ˈbun in the oven

(informal, humorous) be pregnant
See also: bun, have, oven
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When the walls are white and the oven ferociously hot, push the fire to one side and sweep and mop the floor, and then you'll be ready for making pizza, baking flatbreads, and cooking in cast-iron frying pans, in Dutch ovens, on a grill, and in the embers.
He said the oven - which is selling for an introductory price of $1,995 - is more efficient and far less expensive than traditional Italian masonry pizza ovens.
Since Redcar steelworks operator SSI UK went into liquidation, the Official Receiver allowed batches of coal to be bought to keep the coke ovens operating.
Microwave ovens are being increasingly adopted by commercial businesses such as catering, hotels and restaurants in an effort to cater the customers efficiently and provide them with swift food services.
Contract Awarded for Design and manufacture two overhead conveyor oven systems to replace two existing, less efficient ovens
Junair offers a range of ovens to suit every application in the surface finishing industry.
The new Revoband Classic Oven builds on the success of existing impingement ovens from JBT FoodTech.
Although his paper is complicated, the concepts of variation within one oven and among different ovens are important when discussing flexibility across multiple SMT process lines.
These enhancements have been applied in the company's latest smart ovens that help busy consumers stay ahead of kitchen tasks through sophisticated features such as Smart Sense Technology, a feature that detects and automatically implements the optimum cooking mode and time.
Class A ovens are required by code to exhaust a percentage of the oven air stream to the outside.
Commander, Naval Air Forces (CNAF) chose USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) to be the test platform for the new Combination Ovens to be performance-evaluated for future use on all aircraft carriers.
Karachi -- Dawlance launched a new range ofMicrowave Ovens with health benefits.
A: These days, many pizza joints advertise real brick-oven pizza, and clay ovens have become popular in gourmet home kitchens.
Ovens and furnaces are one of the most basic pieces of scientific equipment in the modern laboratory.