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A diagnosis of ORS and comorbid depression was made.
Thus, when the task (time, data, source node (src), destination node (dst)) occurs, the SDN controller determines weather dst is in coverage with ORS satellites in slot t.
It is important to note that the ORS is designed to capture information regarding what is required to perform a job and is not focused on the specific capabilities or experience of the worker.
Each integrated OR has centralised control of the environment and features include instant access to patient information, high definition pictures such as x-rays available on large screens, video capture and streaming of the procedure in real time and other systems.
MI's efforts in Gujarat focus on training and supervising health workers and caregivers, as well as supporting the development of social marketing materials to increase awareness of zinc and ORS as an effective diarrhea treatment.
Dale Hall, managing director of ORS, said, "We are pleased that the CHC has now confirmed it does not question either our impartiality and honesty or the quality of our work for the Hywel Dda Health Board, which it states was of the highest standards.
Despite progress in the management of diarrheal diseases and the global success of ORS, a recent study showed that many countries in Africa and Asia had no significant 1) reduction in mortality from these diseases or 2) improvement in the use of ORS for treatment of diarrhea (6).
ORS was perhaps the most significant medical invention of the 20th century.
Ors lucharia siempre, en efecto, contra lo que llamo la "monstruosa tentativa de adulacion al Tiempo".
Upon completion, former ORS shareholders will have 17.
Among various schools of thought about the choice of fluids, ORS is preferred for a slow and gradual restoration of the deficit because oral or nasogastric (NG) rehydration using ORS is safe and associated with significant reduction in complications compared to intravenous rehydration (10,11).