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go co-op

Typically said of an apartment building that has become a cooperative (or "co-op")—a building in which residents do not own property but rather own shares in the corporation that owns the building. I can't believe that our building is going co-op—I might need to move.
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1. slang An initialism for "other people," referring to a cigarette given to one by someone whom one asked for it. He stumbled out of the bar going around to the people outside looking for OPs.
2. slang By extension, a person who asks someone for a cigarette. Cynthia doesn't smoke for the most part, but whenever we go out drinking she turns into such an OP!
3. slang An initialism of "overpowered," referring to a character, weapon, move, or other aspect of the game that is unfairly strong in comparison to the rest of the game. Beating the side quest nets you a mystical sword that is so OP that you basically can't be beaten from that point on. The new character they added to the fighting game has a very cool design, but she is totally OP. Unless the developers nerf her moves, I doubt she'll be allowed in competitive play.

op-ed piece

In journalism, an article that expresses a writer's viewpoint or opinion, rather than reporting factual information. "Op-ed" stands for "opposite" the "editorial page." I think our readers would really be interested in hearing the viewpoint of someone who only recently moved to the area. How would you like to write an op-ed piece for us? Why is there so much editorializing in this article? Oh, because it's an op-ed piece.
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photo op

A shortening of "photo(graph) opportunity," literally, an ideal chance to take photographs, especially of someone famous. The actors all got together for a photo op with fans at the convention. The CEO agreed to a rare photo op for the press.
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photo op(portunity)

a time or event designed for taking pictures of a celebrity. All the photographers raced toward a photo op with the president.
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n. other people’s cigarettes; begged or borrowed cigarettes. (Initialism.) My favorite kind of cigarettes is OP’s. They’re the cheapest, too.
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photo op

A chance for a photograph, often for publicity purposes. The “op” here is short for “opportunity.” Deborah Eisenberg used it in her story, “Under the 82nd Airborne”: “‘Relax,’ Lewis said. ‘There’s no one here for them to fight with—this is a photo op.’” See also sound bite.
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Caption: A small breakout group of the 2013-14 cohort of the OpEd Project at DePaul University.
Caption: The 2015-16 cohort of the OpEd Project at DePaul University
The map below shows a black diamond at each address where OPED has allocated program monies for one of the above programs.
The next map shows the various Housing Assistance programs administered by OPED. Grants to individual citizens are the black diamonds.
He also penned opeds for another dozen or so publications and appeared on TV to attack a Microsoft breakup in vivid, even strident terms.