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*onto someone

seeing through someone's deception. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; catch ~.) By the time we got on to the con artists, they were out of town. The sheriff got onto Jed, and Jed wanted to get out of town fast.

*onto something

1. Fig. alerted to or aware of a deceitful plan. (*Typically: be ~; catch ~.) The cops are onto your little game here. Fig. having found something useful or promising; on the verge of discovering something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I think we are really onto something this time. lam onto a new discovery.
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To assist ObjectSpark customers, ONTOS provides a comprehensive array of training and technical support services.
He joined ONTOS earlier this year as Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President.
In unveiling ObjectSpark, Robert Huebner, president and CEO of ONTOS, said, "ObjectSpark is a revolutionary product that sets new standards as the most powerful, fast and user-friendly development tool currently available for the Windows environment.
Through ONTOS, BrightRoad is a voting member of the transactional review board for ACORD, a nonprofit insurance association whose mission is to facilitate insurance communications through the use of standards.
ONTOS plays a critical role in enabling financial services companies to accelerate the time-to-market of Internet solutions.
announced today the availability of ONTOS ObjX Data Server, the first application server utilizing the insurance industry's ACORD ObjX standard and Microsoft's Windows DNA for Financial Services (DNAfs).
Specially priced at $9,995, the ONTOS E-commerce Roadmap Package is the most efficient solution on the market for deploying scalable e-commerce solutions.
ONTOS is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider that enables companies to develop component object model (COM)-based e-commerce and multi-tier applications by leveraging professional services and value-added technologies.
ONTOS is a privately held corporation, with headquarters in Lowell, Massachusetts.
ONTOS is making this announcement simultaneously with Microsoft's application server technologies announcement, also released today.
Unisys Corporation, a premier provider of solutions to the global financial marketplace, announced today that it has selected the ONTOS*Integrator Development Tool and related services from ONTOS, Inc.
Continuing to strengthen its position in the COM environment, ONTOS, a leading provider of component-based application development solutions, announced today full support of the Microsoft Visual Studio 6.
ONTOS gives companies that are developing component-based Internet and distributed applications across the enterprise the ability to integrate these applications with existing corporate data and core systems.
ODAF is already being used by the world's leading ODBMS (Object Database Management Systems) and object relational companies including O2 Technologies, Object Design, ONTOS, Persistence, Poet and Versant.