One moment, please

one moment

An expression asking someone to wait patiently for a short amount of time. A: "Hello? Is anybody there?" B: "One moment! I'm just getting dressed." A: "Yes, hello. May I speak to Mrs. Robertson?" B: "One moment please. I'll see if she's available."
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One moment, please.

Please wait briefly. (A polite way of acknowledging that you noticed someone's request.) John: Can you help me? Clerk: One moment, please. I will be with you shortly. Bill (answering the phone): Hello? Bob: Hello. Can I speak to Tom? Bill: One moment, please, (handing phone to Tom) It's for you. Tom: Hello, this is Tom.
See also: one, please
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"One moment, please," said the soldier, barring their way as they started to enter the gate.
One moment, please. Move if I hurt you, Otherwise sit still, because I don't intend to hurt you.
A pinch of salt, a bunch of onions, a little bit or a long time, "Wait a while," "One moment, please," are arbitrary measures, and one moment may last a lot longer for some than for others.
It was still settling in when it heard the doctor say to the mother-in-law: "Just one moment, please."
CERDINI: One moment, please. There is a problem withthe sound.