on a pedestal

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*on a pedestal

Fig. elevated to a position of honor or reverence. (Alludes to honoring someone on display on a pedestal like a statue. *Typically: place someone ~; put someone ~.) He puts his wife on a pedestal. She can do no wrong in his opinion. I was just doing my job. There is no point in placing me on a pedestal!
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References in classic literature ?
On the cloth being removed Don Antonio, taking Don Quixote by the hand, passed with him into a distant room in which there was nothing in the way of furniture except a table, apparently of jasper, resting on a pedestal of the same, upon which was set up, after the fashion of the busts of the Roman emperors, a head which seemed to be of bronze.
Before the baseball game, Fullerton will fly over Lancaster Municipal Stadium in a NASA F/A-18 jet - like one mounted on a pedestal outside the stadium gates - and then return to sign autographs.
For his part, Hernandez doesn't allow the admirable Carlos to perch comfortably on a pedestal.