an old hand

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an old hand

One who has experience doing a particular task. If you have any questions, ask Andrea—she's done this job before and is an old hand at filing. I've been a bus driver for seven years, so I'm an old hand at this.
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old hand (at doing something)

someone who is experienced at doing something. The maid was an old hand at polishing silver. Bob is an old hand at training dogs.
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an old hand

COMMON If someone is an old hand at something, they have a lot of experience of doing it. Bryce is an old hand at this kind of project, having moved house six times in ten years. Whether you're a beginner or an old hand, these two new books will help you enjoy this satisfying craft. Note: You can describe someone as an older hand when you are comparing them with someone who is less experienced. The 11 who take on England will be a mix of youngsters and older hands.
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an old ˈhand (at something/at doing something)

a person who is very experienced at something: Pete’s an old hand at negotiating our contracts — he’s been at the firm nearly twenty years, so he knows all the procedures. OPPOSITE: (still) wet behind the ears
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old hand

See also: hand, old

old hand (at something)

n. someone experienced at doing something. I’m an old hand at fixing cars.
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Sitting on Friday night with eight players for our third round Junior Shield game, I even had myself down to play and got two of the old hands to help us out and another who hasn't kicked a ball in nine weeks.
We old hands laughed like anything and Paddy said, "They couldn't break through my granny's apron-strings
Same old hands same old traps, Same old feet same old maps, Spring is here turning on the taps, You and I yesterday's apps.
Old Tom sits in his old cane chair Gnarled old hands twitch tremulously He wears a grubby shirt with fraying cuffs Which only gets washed occasionally For almost a year there's been no one to care The dishes lie unwashed in the grease rimmed sink The curtains hang limp; drab; grey The once sparkling kitchen like Tom Has had its day He listens in hope for an hour then winds his old clock Another early bed time, what else can he do?
The play in question, Old Hands, is set to transport audiences back to the bygone era of a struggling 1930s music hall amidst a story that shines a light on the social attitudes of the time.
Hoping to wow old hands and introduce new players, Sega have released the sequel on PSP.
The Rusty Racquets course is catering for all abilities, from absolute beginners to old hands who want to get back in the swing.
A Commons insider said: "There was a lot chuckling and some old hands said it wouldn't be the first time Russian agents had worked inside British politics.
His young United side - together with the old hands of Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes - gave another masterclass at the weekend to go top of the Premiership.
It's a very entertaining and reliable book for newcomers and old hands alike.
ROOKIE Oliver Wilson looked set to upstage the old hands yesterday when he banged in four birdies in his opening five.
The old hands make sure they welcome the newcomers.
On view were works by Meschac Gaba, Simryn Gill, collaborators Joseph Grigely and Amy Vogel, Roni Horn, Brian Jungen, Marepe, and Rosemarie Trockel--a varied assembly balanced between old hands and up-and-comers.
Our veteran staffers are old hands working the process and the many ports.