Oh, boy

oh boy

1. An expression said when one is excited, pleased, or pleasantly surprised. Oh boy, a lot of people sure came to the fundraiser! A: "We're going to spend summer at Grandma and Grandpa's lake house!" B: "Oh boy! That will be swell!"
2. An expression said when one is frustrated by, exasperated about, resigned to something bad or unpleasant. Oh boy, another surprise inspection. I sure do love these. A: "Hi, Mr. Peterson? I need you to come in to the school and have a talk with us about your son." B: "Oh boy, what has he done now?"
See also: boy, oh

Oh, boy.

1. Inf. Wow! (Usually Oh, boy! An exclamation. It has nothing to do with boys.) Bill: Oh, boy! An old-fashioned circus! "Oh, boy!" shouted John. "Dinner smells great! When do we eat?"
2. Inf. I dread this!; This is going to be awful! "Oh, boy!" moaned Fred, as his old car stalled out, "Here we go again." Doctor: It looks like something fairly serious. Jane: Oh, boy. Doctor: But nothing modern medicine can't handle.
See also: boy
References in classic literature ?
Oh, boys, be good to a poor devil that's being hunted day and night, and dasn't show his face
1st Nantucket Sailor Oh, boys, don't be sentimental; it's bad for the digestion
Oh, boy, wait until you see how angry Shaq's going to be when he comes back, Kobe Bryant said.
Boy, oh, boy, did Neil LaBute not take the correct messages from his religious training.
Boy, oh, boy, if future city councils were to entertain the idea of doing this, they certainly would be under the scrutiny of the residents of the city of Burbank, and they would come up under a very, very heavy-duty magnifying glass,'' he said.