off (one's) back

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off (one's) back

No longer a source of constant stress, anxiety, aggravation, or pressure. To be honest, it's a bit of relief having all that fame off my back. It just felt like I was under constant scrutiny no matter where I went or what I did. Would you get off my back? I'm going to mow the lawn after lunch.
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off someone's back

Also off someone's case. No longer harassing or bothering someone. It is often put as get off someone's back or case , as in I told her to get off my back-I'll mow the lawn tomorrow, or I wish Dad would get off my case about grades. The first of these slangy terms dates from the 1880s although it became frequent only in the 1940s, and its antonym, on one's back (as in He's been on my back about that report all morning) dates from about 1960. The variant off someone's case was first recorded only in 1970, and its antonym, on someone's case (as in He's always on my case) in 1971. Also see get off, def. 8.
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off (someone's) back

No longer nagging or urging someone to do something.
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As a prelude to this focus, however, we thought it was fitting to start a series on feminist independent publishing by first looking backward at the oldest feminist news journal still in publication, Off Our Backs. For this interview I had the pleasure of talking to long-time member of the Off Our Backs collective, Karla Mantilla, about their struggles, successes, and philosophy about feminist publishing.
SG: How would you describe the work that Off Our Backs does?
Each issue of Off Our Backs is filled with information about feminist international issues and we devote a whole issue each year to international themes.
Off Our Backs has been able to survive for so long largely through the enormous volunteer energy we've received.
KM: I would like people to think of Off Our Backs as publishing work from a variety of feminist viewpoints.
The star centre said: "We got a lot of monkeys off our backs.
The feminist news journal off our backs recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, making it, by its own account, the longest continuously published feminist newspaper in the United States.
Established in 1970, off our backs is run by a collective that makes all its decisions by consensus.
Like many other small niche publications, off our backs has had its financial hurdles over the years, but has managed to stay afloat thanks to the volunteer collective, minimal part-time staff and a very conservative approach to spending money.
Law student Laura Kemp, 20, and friend Rachel Corner, 19, studying history, said: "Tony Blair wants to take the shirts off our backs, so we thought we would spare him the trouble.