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in bad odor

In a state in which one is the subject of another's displeasure or ire. I've been in bad odor with my next door neighbor ever since my dog destroyed her garden. Unless you like being in bad odor with your teachers, you should stop disrupting their classes!
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in good odor

In a pleasant or favorable relationship with someone. I've been in good odor with my next door neighbor ever since I brought her some of my homemade cookies. Your sister is in good odor with her teachers because she always completes her homework on time.
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be in bad odor with

To be the target of another's anger or unhappiness. I've been in bad odor with Tiffany ever since she found out that I started that rumor about her. You will be in bad odor with the boss if you keep coming into work late.
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odor of sanctity

Fig. an atmosphere of excessive holiness or piety. I hate their house. There's such an odor of sanctity with Bibles and holy pictures everywhere. The huge, medieval Gothic cathedral had a distinct odor of sanctity.
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odor of sanctity

Exaggerated or hypocritical piety, an assumption of moral superiority, as in This candidate puts off some voters with his odor of sanctity. This expression, originating in the medieval idea that the dead body of a saintly individual gives off a sweet smell, was used to describe saintliness in the mid-1700s. Today it is generally used ironically.
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be in good/bad ˈodour (with somebody)

(formal) have/not have somebody’s approval and support: He’s in rather bad odour with his boss at the moment.
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References in classic literature ?
Inspector Jacks found himself wishing that the perfume of those lilacs might reach even to where he stood, and help him to forget for a moment that subtler and to him curiously unpleasant odor which all the time became more and more apparent.
The pleasant odor of greasy viands mingled with the smell of smoke.
The paper and the ink had a certain odor which was sweeter to me than the perfumes of Araby.
A strong disagreeable odor came through the doorway, completely overpowering me.
As it burned it filled the air with a subtle and aromatic odor.
Well, then, I trust that you have no objection to tobacco-smoke, to the mild balsamic odor of the Eastern tobacco.
Suddenly, a large Dog, attracted by the odor of the boiling oil, came running into the cave.
I was lying here on the sand more dead than alive, when an appetizing odor of fried fish came to me.
He smelt the awful odor, saw the dirt, disorder, and miserable condition, and heard the groans, and felt that nothing could be done to help.
Hydrogen sulfide is the primary gas that causes offensive odors from the sewer system.
Increasing numbers of scientific studies are finding associations between environmental odors and health effects.
If so, do certain odors like perfumes and cleaning supplies trigger an attack?
New-to-the-World Technology Rids Odors Completely, Ensuring the Best Guest Experience -
Both patients and care providers need to understand how expectations about odors can influence symptoms of the disease.
Humans use it to tell apart an average of more than 1 trillion odors, a new study finds.