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Oddballs managing director William Cooper said: "We are over the moon to partner with Sale Sharks, the first Premiership Rugby team with their own design of underwear.
Each story is engagingly written by Westergard, and the oddball assortment is a diverse one.
What exactly does a farmer do with these oddball animals?
It seemed in the weeks and months after the killing that America's schools went to war against the non-normal: geeks, Goths, nerds, oddballs, the alienated, individualistic and different.
Will said: "I got engaged and thought it would be wrong to not get a picture in my own OddBalls.
Following the success of Oddballs, the sporting heroes launched the foundation to manage the charitable activities.
The pair of oddball tilings has considerably less symmetry than the others do.
His aunt lives in a sort of commune of oddballs and ex-hippies, a rundown, offbeat but supportive community where Nick gradually comes to feel at home.
Friends and sporting stars Steve Harper and Richard Metcalfe last year launched business venture OddBalls, offering a range of colourful men's boxer shorts, in a bid to raise awareness of the disease.
Dubbed the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (UDF), the images feature a panoply of galaxy shapes, from the classic spirals and ellipticals common in the cosmos today to a zoo of misshapen oddballs that may be among the first galaxies to have coalesced.
We are now the establishment, and I think the police are treating us that way, not like a bunch of crazy oddballs,'' said Carmen Langford, 73, of Costa Mesa, a retired fashion designer.
This is transformation might have been unnerving if it weren't obvious that these oddballs were at, the top of their game, that, their popularity explosion was a victory we could claim for ourselves: The B-52's broke the big time without losing the weirdness that made them compelling.
Former Newcastle United goalkeeper Steve and one-time Newcastle Falcons rugby player Richard have been so delighted by the success of the venture, now the fastest growing British underwear company online, plans are underway to establish an OddBalls charitable foundation.
Former Newcastle United goalkeeper Steve Harper and one-time Newcastle Falcons rugby player Richard Metcalfe teamed up with Paul Varley, former chief executive officer of Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club, to launch Oddballs, a range of colourful boxer shorts.
The old idea that, except for a few oddballs, each of the world's 800 fig species has an exclusive partnership with a wasp has been "dogma," he says.