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big ole

Exceptionally or impressively large, either in physical size or in magnitude, where "ole," a colloquial pronunciation of the word "old," is an intensifier and not indicative of age. Grab hold of that big ole bag of cement and throw it into the back of my truck. Well, that's just a big ole lie and you know it!
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good old boy

1. In the Southern US, a white man considered to have the qualities associated with traditional conservative Southern masculine culture, including an easygoing demeanor and a generally conservative worldview. The term is applied either positively or negatively, depending on how one views such a culture. Jefferson is a good old boy—you can trust him to uphold our values. Great, just what we need—another good old boy elected to office.
2. A male who is part of a very loyal social group. Of course he only hires his friends—he's a good old boy. What do you expect? Just know that if you marry a good old boy, you're marrying his friends, too.
3. A nice, pleasant male. He's a good old boy, sure, but there's just no chemistry between us.
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good old boy

 and good ole boy
Rur. a good guy; a dependable companion. Old Tom is a good old boy. He'll help. One of these good ole boys will give you a hand.
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good old boy

and good ole boy
n. a good guy; a dependable companion. (Folksy.) Old Tom is a good old boy. He’ll help.
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good ole boy

See also: boy, good, olé
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After attending a jam at a venue out of town, Ole and Anders went to catch the bus home only to discover Paal at the shelter hiding from a fight.
A full album is due out later this year - Ole reckons at some point over the summer - and the band have plenty more promotion in store to keep their heads spinning.
Khayat has said the memorial is needed to make a statement about Ole Miss' role in the integration of higher education in the South.
In the slot earlier, the prolific Ole Wiig had followed the Mulvin line, alternating between locations, lots of them, in Oslo and Trondheim.
Just ask Trent Lott, the son of a sharecropper who scrambled his way into the warm embrace of white-supremacist Ole Miss, and whose own Southern legacy finally caught up with him.
This book is a collection of articles written for the 60th birthday of Finnish politician Ole Norrback.
iManage reports that OLE and spreadsheet linking play a key role in the preparation of financial models and presentations by enabling users to embed data from dynamic source files directly into destination files without the potential for costly errors through miskeyed or out-of-date data.
He had uh boy dat wuz kinda mischeevous an' one time he made de ole man so mad he tole 'im to git out an' go where he couldn't never see 'im no more.
"Pat" Patterson School of Accountancy on the Ole Miss campus, and the holdings are known as the "E.H.
Yet another dot-coin start-up aimed at the Latin market is Ole!, a Latino clone of Yahoo!
OnLine Education(OLE) has announced an agreement with the International FlightCatering Association (IFCA), one of the world's largest representative bodies for the in-flight catering industry, to facilitate the delivery of the MBA (Hospitality), offered in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University.
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Spanish incumbent telco Telefonica SA has teamed up with Mexican media group Grupo Reforma to bring Telefonica's Ole portal to the country.
Josephine and Bjorn Ole Austad, from Malta and Norway, met in Brazil, have worked in Norway and now live in Malta.