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slang To be excellent or exceptionally great; to be the best. Man, this restaurant rules! Everything they make here is absolutely delicious. A: "Did you ever watch 'GoBots' as a kid?" B: "Oh yeah, that show ruled!"

rule OK

To be the best; to be the most dominant or in control; to be the most favored or supported by the public. (Used originally in relation to football clubs or local gangs in graffiti writing.) Primarily heard in UK. Someone had come with a can of black spray paint and crossed out the big "Leeds Rules OK" that was painted on the side of the school. But in this part of the country, the conservatives rule OK with almost no opposition.
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— rule(s), OK?

used to express your enthusiasm for a particular person or thing. informal, humorous
2000 Elle Here at ELLE we've always been big fans of Kerrigan's urban babewear, and this season…she really rocked. Daryl K rules, OK?
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and okay
1. interj. accepted; agreed. (Initialism. From a jocular, mispelled abbreviation Oll Kerrect.) So, he said, like, “okay,” and, like, I go “okay.” So we both go “Okay.” Okay?
2. mod. acceptable. This cake is okay, but not what I would call first rate.
3. mod. acceptably. She ran okay—nothing spectacular.
4. n. (someone’s) acceptance. I won’t give the final okay until I see the plans.
5. tv. to approve something. She refused to okay our plans.
6. Go to ak.


in. to dominate; to be the best. (Slang only in certain contexts. Typical in graffiti.) Pizza rules around here.
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Are you ok?" Tablets for something are swallowed each, and every day, "Have you still got that migraine girl?
Are you OK?" In sickness, and in health, at the altar we both made our vow, Well the time has come to honour those special words now.
Can you stay on the line and I can tell you what to do exactly next, OK? | MSH: OK | Operator 3: Listen, carefully lay her flat on her back on the floor | MSH: Yep | Operator 3: And remove any pillows | MSH: Yep | Operator 3: Now kneel next to her and look in her mouth for any food or vomit.
It's just to make sure you get the right help to you there, ok? Caller: Yes.
Did he say it was ok? Well, I never said it was ok.
If we lived in a society where pre-teen children were habitually raped, would that make it OK? If we lived in a society where it was acceptable to kill someone with whom you had disagreed, would that make it OK?
They are coming, OK? Calm down a minute so I can understand what happened."
I hope you found it to be OK?" "It was better than OK, actually, it was mediocre." Perhaps under promising may be the way ahead.
OK? But one astonishing contestant provides a beacon of hope.
I just want my friends to know, OK?" You are the same wonderful person you have always been, and you will get through this.
Operator: This is not delaying the help at all, OK? Smith: I'm trying to breathe air into his lungs and he's just ...
O: Keep a close eye on her and if anything gets any worse call us right back OK?
AGE As our bodies slowly age There are a few noticeable points Like fading eyesight and aching old joints Looking closely at each other We hear ourselves say Are you all right love, Are you ok? Tablets for something are swallowed each day Have you still got that headache girl, Are you sure you're ok?
He yells at the operator: "There's a bunch of f*** people here all doing their thing, I don't know what the f*** to do, OK?"
Have you still got that headache girl, Are you sure you're ok? Both not as agile, as we once used to be Now on go the bi-focals to help us to see I suppose growing older There has to be a price we all have to pay How's your bad back lad, Are you ok?