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in the altogether

Naked. I keep having the dream where I walk into my high school in the altogether!

in the nude

Without any clothes; naked. You may love fashion now, but as a kid you wanted nothing to do with clothes and were always running around in the nude! My roommate constantly hangs around the apartment in the nude. I think I'm going to find a new place to live.
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*in the altogether

 and *in the buff; *in the nude; *in the raw
Fig. naked; nude. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~; sleep ~.) The museum has a painting of some ladies in the buff. Mary felt a little shy about getting into the altogether. Bill says he sleeps in the raw.

in the altogether

Also, in or stripped to the buff ; in the raw. Naked, nude, as in The art class wanted a model to pose in the altogether, or She was stripped to the buff when the doorbell rang, or He always sleeps in the raw. The first of these colloquial terms dates from the late 1800s. In the buff, a seemingly modern locution dates from the 1600s, buff alluding to a soft, undyed leather, buffskin, that also gave its name to the color. The use of raw, presumably also alluding to raw (undressed) leather, dates from the early 1900s.

in the altogether

without any clothes on; naked. informal
1991 Today The mothers…have agreed to pose in the altogether.

in the ˈnude

wearing no clothes; naked: It’s a painting of the Duchess of Alba in the nude.People sunbathe in the nude on the rocks above the creek.
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When our generation produces a Filipino Goya or Velazquez, one hopes we will exalt his nude paintings as glorious celebrations of the human form, and no one will tell children to cover their eyes.
For Anita Chauhan, who has done nudes of both sexes, it's the female body that's more fascinating -- there is an instant connect with the female form.
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His next three discussions, also Intermezzi, address contemporary art production: the first examines artistic competition and emulation (rapen, "stealing" or "borrowing"); the second focuses on drawings and prints of the female nude, including images of sleepers and models posing in the studio; the third considers the fraught relationship between artist and model.
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