Not anymore

Not anymore.

The facts you mentioned are no longer true.; A previous situation no longer exists. Mary: This cup of coffee you asked me to bring you looks cold. Do you still want it? Sally: Not anymore. Tom: Do the Wilsons live on Maple Street? Bob: Not anymore.
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Due to the incidents of the recent weeks and months, I have come to the conclusion that the trustful basis to stay on as the head of Metro AG's top management does not anymore exist," he said in a statement.
LOST & FOUND Five years have passed since I lost a diamond in my life She was bright and she shone, like the diamond she was But she left me five pearls, in the children we had But I still do miss, the diamond I had But time still goes on in life, so you must look ahead But without ever looking, a gem came into my life A gem I will always love and adore, for the rest of my life I mentioned love and adore, this gem I could never ignore I once said, I was on a mission, but not anymore I found that beautiful gem in this lady that I do adore I don't want to lose her, that is for sure So let's stay together for evermore My life now feels so complete with the gem I found I'm not glad I lost I'm so glad I found by B.
Those may have been insurmountable obstacles in the past, but not anymore.
I used to proudly show to overseas friends Cardiff civic centre but not anymore.
At one time you could rely on the BBC always using the correct pronunciation of words - but not anymore.
It was Britain's boast that we had the best TV in the world at one time, but not anymore.
By purchasing the agencies, banks eliminate competition and gain valuable expertise in insurance sales," This used to work in small towns, but not anymore.
Not anymore, now the once-established lines of which companies handle what cargo--and how--are becoming blurred.
Being an airline stewardess used to be seen as a glamorous job, but not anymore.
Resident Kay Jones, 62, said: 'I have been here 38 years and it used to be an absolutely fabulous place to live but not anymore.
Colin, 11, who suffers from cerebral palsy, said: "I used to like watching Chris on TV but not anymore.
After his comments provoked controversy, he said: "In the past I have been foolish and deserved the criticism I received but not now, not anymore.
It would have been the norm 30 years ago but not anymore, so Romilly parents were setting a good example when they made a special effort for National Walk to School Week.
Using essentially the same data (a more recent edition of a sports encyclopedia), he sorted baseball players by year of birth and came to a different conclusion: Right-handers used to live longer -- but not anymore, he reports in the Sept.