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use (one's) noodle

To use one's own intelligence and intellectual ability; to think logically and rationally. ("Noodle" here is slang for head or brain. Often said as an imperative.) Come on, Dean, I know you can figure this out on your own. Use your noodle for a change! I can't believe you were arrested for selling marijuana. What were you thinking? Why don't you use your noodle once in a while?
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noodle about (something)

To discuss, speak, or think about something in an idle, aimless, or purely speculative manner. ("Noodle" here is slang for head or brain.) He spent most of the party noodling about all these pseudo-philosophical ideas that just made him sound pretentious. When I came into the room, they had started noodling about the pros and cons of capitalism compared to socialism.
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noodle around

1. To spend time investigating, perusing, or examining something. I could spend hours in the library just noodling around all the old books they have there. I think I'm going to noodle around the electronics section for a while.
2. To waste time idly (in some place). I don't want you in the house noodling around all weekend long. Why don't you kids go down to the mall and noodle around down there for an hour or two.
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noodle over

To ponder, consider, or speculate about something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "noodle" and "over." ("Noodle" here is slang for head or brain.) As my mind wandered into daydream, I began noodling over the possibility of giving up my job and moving to Japan. I wanted a day or two to noodle over the deal before I agreed to anything.
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do not hang noodles on my ears

Do not try to mislead me or fool me. Oh please, do not hang noodles on my ears—you clearly forged your mom's signature on this document! If you don't want to go, just tell me. Don't hang noodles on my ears and fake being sick.
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noodle around

to wander around; to fiddle around with something. I couldn't find the instructions so I spent the afternoon noodling around, trying to find out how it worked. I noodled around until I found the right address.
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noodle over something

Inf. to think about something. Let's noodle over this problem for a bit and discuss it at our next meeting.
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use one's head

 and use one's noggin; use one's noodle
Fig. to use one's own intelligence. (The words noggin and noodle are slang terms for "head.") You can do better in math if you'll just use your head. Jane uses her noggin and gets things done correctly and on time. Yes, she sure knows how to use her noodle.
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n. (one’s) head. Put your hat on your noodle, and let’s go.

Use your head!

and Use your noggin! and Use your noodle!
exclam. Think!; Think it through! You know the answer. Use your head! Use your noggin’, dogg!
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Use your noodle!

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wet noodle

n. a dupe; a wimp. Don’t be such a wet noodle. Don’t let them push you around.
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