none of (one's) business

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none of (one's) business

Something that is of no concern to another. It's really none of his business what I do with the money I earn.
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none of someone's business

not of someone's concern. (A gentle rebuke.) Q: When are you going to leave for home? A: None of your business. How I managed to afford all this is none of your business.
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(It's) none of your business!

It is nothing that you need to know. It is none of your concern. (Not very polite.) Alice: How much does a little diamond like that cost? Mary: None of your business! John: Do you want to go out with me Friday night? Mary: Sorry, I don't think so. John: Well, what are you doing then? Mary: None of your business!
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none of one's business

Not one's concern, as in How much I earn is none of your business. This expression employs business in the sense of "one's affairs," a usage dating from about 1600. (Also see mind one's own business.) A slangy, jocular variant from about 1930 is none of one's beeswax. The related verb phrase have no business is used to indicate that one should not meddle or interfere, as in He has no business discussing the will with outsiders.
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No It's really none of my business if another student cheats.
This I generally believe to be a matter for the Scots and none of my business. But now, I fear, I see a fervour too far.
Maybe that's because his "it's none of my business; it's not my responsibility" attitude about Nike and its Far Eastern connection to inhuman working conditions is not that different from the attitude the rest of us maintain as we graze through department-store aisles.
He said he knew George Michael had criticised him in the past but said it was "none of my business".
I was shocked and angry but they were swearing, trying to get violent and telling me it was none of my business."
It's actually none of my business. And that's how the auditions were conducted: We never asked anyone about their sexuality." But, he adds, since they all had the scripts in advance, "the moment they walked through the door, they knew what they were in for."
I DON'T want to be accused of poking my nose in things that are none of my business but - Lebanon?
I know it's none of my business, but I'd also like to extend my compliments to his wife for standing by him through what must have been an incredibly tough time.
It's none of my business, and it should be none of government's business.
It's none of my business if he's back with Sienna so long as he's still there for our kids."
"It's really none of my business." Besides, he says, "I think people are more interested in how songs move them."
The Portstewart lady's love life (which is none of my business unless I'm involved) was unveiled for all to see in a Sunday tabloid last weekend.