No siree!

no siree

Absolutely not; no way. "Siree" is an informal version of "sir" (sometimes spelled "sirree"). Primarily heard in US. A: "I mean, would you betray your coworkers for a bit of extra money?" B: "No siree! I have principles." No sirree, I will not be fooled again!
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No siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely no! (Not necessarily said to a male, and rarely to any Bob.) Bill: Do you want to sell this old rocking chair? Jane: No siree, Bob! Bill: You don't want sweet potatoes, do you? Fred: No siree!
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'I did not have inappropriate relations with my saxophone, no siree!' he declared sheepishly.
No siree! Today's hot looks are all about power, punch and pop-tastic fashion colours.
No siree! There's no rhinestonestudded suits and ten gallon hats for this country crooner.
The Texas Pepper Works Candy-Krisp line was acquired in 1998 and to say, "These are just pickles or peppers" is like saying, "Texas is just a state." No siree! They are an experience!