No shit!

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no shit

1. rude slang Obviously; that is or was completely self-evident. A: "I think we need to clear that blockage out of the drain." B: "Yeah, no shit. Thanks for the tip."
2. slang Are you being serious? Wow, is that really true? Although the use of "shit" can be offensive, this usage of the phrase is not intended to be rude. A: "My aunt has a cabin we could use for the weekend." B: "No shit? That would be awesome!"
See also: no, shit

no ˈshit!

(taboo, slang)
1 used to show that you are surprised, impressed, etc. or to show that what you are saying is true: ‘That guy’s my brother.’ ‘No shit! Really?’
2 (also no shit, Sherlock!) used when you think somebody has said something that is obvious or that you already know: ‘If it rains we’ll all get wet.’ ‘No shit, Sherlock!’
Sherlock in this expression refers to Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective.
See also: no

No shit!

exclam. You are kidding me, aren’t you! (Usually objectionable. Akin to bullshit.) You’re really gonna do it? No shit!
See also: no