No shit!

no shit

1. rude slang Obviously; that is or was completely self-evident. A: "I think we need to clear that blockage out of the drain." B: "Yeah, no shit. Thanks for the tip."
2. slang Are you being serious? Although the use of "shit" can be offensive, this usage of the phrase is not intended to be rude. A: "My aunt has a cabin we could use for the weekend." B: "No shit? That would be awesome!"
See also: no, shit

no ˈshit!

(taboo, slang)
1 used to show that you are surprised, impressed, etc. or to show that what you are saying is true: ‘That guy’s my brother.’ ‘No shit! Really?’
2 (also no shit, Sherlock!) used when you think somebody has said something that is obvious or that you already know: ‘If it rains we’ll all get wet.’ ‘No shit, Sherlock!’
Sherlock in this expression refers to Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective.
See also: no

No shit!

exclam. You are kidding me, aren’t you! (Usually objectionable. Akin to bullshit.) You’re really gonna do it? No shit!
See also: no