New brooms sweep clean

a new broom sweeps clean

A new manager (of a company or organization) will be able to bring a fresh perspective and energy necessary to making beneficial changes and improvements. After two years of falling profits, the company needed to make big budget cuts and drastically improve its corporate culture, so a whole new upper management team was brought on board. A new broom sweeps clean, after all. A: "I'm hoping Jill will make some big changes to how things operate now that she's been promoted to General Manager." B: "She's already been talking about all the things she wants to improve, and a new broom sweeps clean."
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New brooms sweep clean.

 and A new broom sweeps clean.
Prov. Someone who is new in a particular job will do a very good job at first, to prove how competent he or she is. Jill: That new supervisor is awfully strict. Jane: New brooms sweep clean. The new teacher immediately flunked three of the laziest students. "A new broom sweeps clean," one of the students shrugged.
See also: broom, clean, new, sweep
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The performance of Prime Minister Boiko Borissov's Government in moving against people and actions linked to the previous government is a classic illustration of the adage that new brooms sweep clean.
That said, the key question is not will the new brooms sweep clean, but more one of "For Whom The Bell Tolls?
As they saying goes, new brooms sweep clean and Byrne is more than aware his team will have no excuse for failure with Kidney at the helm.
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