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population and have an average age of 43 -- while Cord Nevers are 9 years younger on average (age 34) and represent 9% of all US consumers.
Among Cord Nevers, YouTube beats out Netflix (46% versus 39%), with Amazon again coming in third -- at a much lower 25%.
Boltanski also employs fidelites in presenting the duc de Nevers's clientele as stable and solid: "an extremely stable nebula, cemented by internal relations" (177).
Boltanski seeks to explore noble family identities, but confusingly portrays the Cleves and Gonzaga-Gonzague families as a single Nevers lineage.
But word comes from afar that Nevers is a father from a tryst with Blanche de Caylus (Claire Nebout).
A formidable fencer, Nevers is famed for his prodigious "Nevers Thrust," a flashy, foolproof technique for skewering an opponent smack between the eyes.