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Whoa, Nellie!

Rur. Wait! Stop! Tom: When I get that money, I'm gonna get me my own place, and then you and I can get married, andJane: Whoa, Nellie! When did I say I was going to marry you? Whoa, Nellie! Did you measure them boards before you started cuttin' 'em?

nervous Nellie

An unduly timid or anxious person, as in He's a real nervous Nellie, calling the doctor about every little symptom. This term does not allude to a particular person named Nellie; rather, the name was probably chosen for the sake of alliteration. [Colloquial; c. 1920]
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sit next to Nellie

learn how to do a job or task by watching and copying someone experienced in it. informal
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nervous Nellie

n. any nervous person, male or female. Sue is such a nervous Nellie. She should calm down.
See also: Nellie, nervous
References in classic literature ?
The door opened; Miss Nellie and her music-master stood behind it, but blind Samson, who was so sensitive to presences, did not know they were there.
Nellie was huddled against her mother, who sat, idle, with little Benny in her arms.
Even Nellie, child that she was, understood the grimness of the battle before them.
Wade toiled early and late, doing part of the chores and double her share of the Spring plowing that Martin, as well as Nellie, could attend school in Fallon.
He was twenty-three and Nellie sixteen when, worn out and broken down before her time, her resistance completely undermined, Mrs.
What had Nellie ever put into it that it should be half hers?
You were a very special lady, it was a pleasure to have known you Nellie.
Nellie Huston, 31, tells of her fears as the liner from New York neared Liverpool in May, 1915, after Germany had declared the waters around the UK a war zone.
Remembering Dementia: For the Love of Nellie Mary Garrity In our series aimed at shining the spotlight on fledgling writers, Mary Garrity tells us how her personal experience of caring for her mum led to her first book.
ISLAMABAD -- A Dutchman drives his original 1955 Chevy pick-up truck, nicknamed Nellie, thousands of kilometres to watch his favorite team play in the World Cup.
But the thing about Nellie was that even though she looked like a little gust of wind would blow her away, everybody knew that she had magic powers she'd got from the Devil, and she could put the evil eye on you if she wanted to.
Tales of the town's one-eyed "witch," Nellie McGruder, bubble at the pit of the town's consciousness, and rumors of the dark power wielded by the reclusive woman run rampant.
Picking Cotton, by Nellie Mae Rowe (1900-1982), is a work of folk art that captures Rowe's experiences as an African American woman living in rural Georgia, United States.
Bill, an English bull terrier, is six and lives with his wee "sister" Nellie, a nine-month-old French bulldog.
CHEERFUL chatterbox Nellie Smith can't put her finger on one single reason to explain why she has lived to the grand old age of 105.