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Even Nellie, child that she was, understood the grimness of the battle before them.
He was twenty-three and Nellie sixteen when, worn out and broken down before her time, her resistance completely undermined, Mrs.
What had Nellie ever put into it that it should be half hers?
Wade toiled early and late, doing part of the chores and double her share of the Spring plowing that Martin, as well as Nellie, could attend school in Fallon.
The door opened; Miss Nellie and her music-master stood behind it, but blind Samson, who was so sensitive to presences, did not know they were there.
The report dates from 1908 and relates to pupil Nellie Bailey during her time at Fairfield Secondary School in Bristol, before she moved to Aberdeen.
While Durty Nellie's in downtown Palatine will be closed for St.
THREE beeches shaped into an "N" to woo a sweetheart named Nellie are in the running to be crowned European Tree of the Year.
Los Angeles, CA, September 21, 2018 --( LA India Fashion Week will be hosted by Nellie Christine, aka FOODECALL.
Hylda Baker was a major music hall star before she found national fame as Nellie Pledge in Granada TV's most successful sitcom Nearest and Dearest.
The face in the window was bad for business, so Nellie was told gruffly: "You there, get off!"
AT just a year old, little Nellie Cade has to be one of the youngest ever lifetime members of a country show.
Ten Days a Madwoman: The Daring Life and Turbulent Times of the Original "Girl" Reporter, Nellie Bly.