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(as) game as Ned Kelly

Very courageous. Ned Kelly was a notorious 19th-century Australian outlaw. Primarily heard in Australia. You have to be as game as Ned Kelly to go into a dangerous place like that!
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as game as Ned Kelly

very brave. Australian
Ned Kelly ( 1855–80 ) was a famous Australian outlaw, the leader of a band of horse and cattle thieves and bank raiders operating in Victoria; he was eventually hanged at Melbourne.
See also: game, Kelly, Ned
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But, Ned, you, a whaler by profession, familiarised with all the great marine mammalia--YOU ought to be the last to doubt under such circumstances
That is just what deceives you, Professor," replied Ned.
But, Ned, they tell of ships which the teeth of the narwhal have pierced through and through.
Well, Ned, I repeat it with a conviction resting on the logic of facts.
Very well, when you dive, Ned, as many times 32 feet of water as there are above you, so many times does your body bear a pressure equal to that of the atmosphere, that is to say, 15 lb.
It certainly is a strange coincidence," he added, speaking in an aside to Ned while he himself still listened to what was being told to him over the telephone wire.
My dear Ned,' returned his father, laying down the newspaper at which he had been glancing carelessly, and throwing himself back in the window-seat, 'I believe you know how very much I dislike what are called family affairs, which are only fit for plebeian Christmas days, and have no manner of business with people of our condition.
You have to thank me, Ned, for being of good family; for your mother, charming person as she was, and almost broken-hearted, and so forth, as she left me, when she was prematurely compelled to become immortal--had nothing to boast of in that respect.
Then I should say, Ned, that as nearly as I remember, its skirts vanished from human knowledge, about eighteen or nineteen years ago.
A son, Ned, unless he is old enough to be a companion--that is to say, unless he is some two or three and twenty--is not the kind of thing to have about one.
No you don't, Ned,' said his father coolly; 'you are mistaken, I assure you.
She stood near the front window where she could look down the de- serted street and thought of the evenings when she had walked with Ned Currie and of what he had said.
For several years after Ned Currie went away Alice did not go into the wood with the other young people on Sunday, but one day after he had been gone for two or three years and when her loneliness seemed unbearable, she put on her best dress and set out.
Of course I will not let him make a practice of being with me, but if he comes to see me once in a long time there can be no harm in that," she told herself, still determined in her loyalty to Ned Currie.
Although she sometimes thought of Ned Currie, she no longer depended on him.