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neat as a new pin

Very neat, tidy, and clean. I expected Danny's student apartment to be a total mess, but it was neat as a new pin!
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(as) neat as ninepence

Very tidy, neat, and well-organized; in good order. After my kids made me breakfast in bed, I expected the kitchen to be a mess. But was I ever surprised to find the whole place as neat as ninepence when I came downstairs! James is so meticulous with his office, always keeping it neat as ninepence.
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neat as a bandbox

Impeccably dressed; stylish. A bandbox is a container that was used to store accessories like collars and ruffs. Dave, I just love that suit and tie on you! You look neat as a bandbox!
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(as) neat as a pin

Tidy; clean; in good or neat order. I expected Danny's student apartment to be a total mess, but it was as neat as a pin when we arrived! I expect you to leave this kitchen neat as a pin when you finish for the night, understand?
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*neat as a pin

Cliché neat and orderly. (*Also: as ~.) Brad is such a good housekeeper; his apartment is always as neat as a pin. Joanne certainly is well-organized. Her desk is neat as a pin.
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1. mod. great; cool; fine. That was not a very neat thing to do.
2. exclam. Wow! (Usually Neat!) Neat! I’m glad you came.
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Employees tend to react negatively if they are told to make a change, but this ruling makes it clear that if there is a dress code policy which stresses that neatness is paramount, then bosses should be able to enforce the code providing that is objectively justifiable.
My courtesy to superior officers, neatness of dress and care of equipment shall set the example for others to follow.
Precision, neatness and skill are all required for drawing with sand vocation, but what moreC* is 'spirit' Khaldoun concluded.
A pair of sharp shears is the best tool for neatness.
The package design encompasses all CHP components within an acoustic enclosure thereby providing very low noise output (68 dB(A) @ 7 M) in plant room environments together with neatness of design and ease of access.
I have been marking CSE (now GSCE) coursework since its conception, and while the 'wizardry', neatness and 'target-hitting' have all shown a yearly improvement, in my eyes, the initiative and inspiration developed during individual exploration of pupils' immediate environment has been stifled by the constraints of group work, safety and topic-setting.
she has accepted her shining spirit and soul and now places less of her "self-worth" on such things as a need to be right, or for order or neatness.
True stories and case histories survey these benefits, challenging conventional wisdom about organization, neatness and consistency and using examples from business, the war on terrorism, and daily life alike.
Readers breathe a sigh of relief when things work out for her in the end, even if the neatness of the ending may stretch credibility somewhat.
The flat or 3-D artwork will be judged on creativity, neatness, originality and focus on subject.
Szasz's debating partners include psychiatrists, psychologists, bioethicists, and legal scholars, most of whom seem to have reservations about psychiatry's tendency to treat every facet of human behavior--happiness and sadness, energy and lethargy, neatness and sloppiness, shyness and boldness, inattentiveness and obsessiveness, thievery and honesty, promiscuity and celibacy, thinness and fatness--as a symptom of mental illness.
Florence Nightingale founded her pioneering school of nursing in the hospital, with its then novel attitude to neatness and cleanliness, attitudes now having to be relearned in the wake of MRSA and other cross-infections (additional hand-washing facilities are being installed).
She says: 'Colour is a significant indicator of personality but a need to co-ordinate can give away a person's sense for order and neatness.
While it won't secure passage to the winner's circle, for plain neatness it can't be beat.