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do (one's) nana

To become angry. It is possible that "nana" is short for "banana," coming from the use of "bananas" to mean "crazy." Primarily heard in Australia. Mom will definitely do her nana when she finds out we broke her antique vase.
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na-na na-na boo-boo

A teasing nonsense phrase typically said by children. You can't catch me! Na-na na-na boo-boo!

na-na na-na na-na

A teasing nonsense phrase typically said by children. You can't catch me! Na-na na-na na-na!

off (one's) nana

old-fashioned slang Crazy, insane, or mentally deranged. Sometimes written as "off (one's) 'nana" to reflect the abbreviation of "banana." I think you've gone off your nana for giving up that cushy office job, but, hey, follow your dreams. Don't go off your 'nana, I only took the car out for a quick spin. My auntie likes to let people think she's off her nana, but she's actually incredibly clever and witty.
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do (or lose) your nana

lose your temper. Australian
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off your nana

mentally deranged. Australian
Nana in these idioms is probably short for banana ; compare with go bananas at banana.
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