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a whole nother story

informal Used to emphasize the difference between two things being discussed. A: "OK, so that's what happened last night. What happened with Jack?" B: "Oh geez, that's a whole nother story!" My back is feeling better, but my head is a whole nother story. A: "I've been here 10 years already, so I don't think becoming a manager will be a big transition." B: "Are you serious? No, managing employees is a whole nother story."
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whole other thing

Something very different to, and often more difficult or complicated than, something else. Often spoken or written more colloquially as "whole 'nother thing." I don't know what you think you know from working in television, but working on a film is a whole other thing! It's one thing to babysit your friends' kids from time to time, but having your own children is a whole 'nother thing.
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whole nother thing

Rur. a completely different matter. (Often "corrected" to a whole other thing. The word nother is a shortening of another.) Borrowing! That's a whole nother thing! I thought you said stealing!
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