My cup runneth over

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(one's) cup runneth over

One has such an abundance of good things or happy benefits that one is overwhelmed by them or cannot contain them. Being able to spend my birthday surrounded by my beautiful children, my gorgeous husband, and so many wonderful friends, I can truly say my cup runneth over.
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My cup runneth over.

Prov. I have received so many benefits that I cannot contain them all. (Said when you feel overcome because many good things have happened to you.) This week, I finished paying off my mortgage, my arthritis improved, and my first grandchild was born. My cup runneth over. Janet was speechless with happiness when she saw how many of her friends and relatives had joined together to give her a surprise party. "My cup runneth over," she finally said.
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my cup runneth over

Blessed with an overwhelming quantity of good things. The phrase comes from the twenty-third Psalm that begins “The Lord is my shepherd”: “Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.” This expression of an image of an overflowing bounty was once far more prevalent than it now is, primarily because there's now far less familiarity with the Bible.
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