Much obliged

Much obliged.

Rur. Thankful and owing a debt of gratitude. A: Sit down, Elmer, and have a drink on me. B: Much obliged.
See also: much, oblige
References in classic literature ?
I am much obliged to you," was her answer, "but I am not going with them.
She was very much obliged to him, but declined it all, repeating her conviction, that the rain would come to nothing at present, and adding, "I am only waiting for Mr Elliot.
I am very much obliged to you," he said, "for this information.
I am very much obliged to you, but I think not," answered Wingrave.
So, if you can find a way to fix it, we'll be much obliged to you.
I'm much obliged for all your kindness," said the boy, "and very grateful to you for saving my life and sending me home again after all the good times I've had.
I am much obliged to you, I am sure,' returned Edward.
No, don't say that,' assented Mr Milvey, 'because we are so much obliged to you for giving us the preference.
I am much obliged to you, I am sure,' said Miss Bella, coldly shaking her curls, 'but I doubt if I have the inclination to go out at all.
JOHNNY EAST, who rode Much Obliged to win the first running of the Whitbread Gold Cup in 1957, died on Thursday night after a short illness.