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Miss Right

The perfect or most suitable woman to be in a relationship with or to marry. If you're waiting for Miss Right to just appear in your life, you're never going to find someone you'll be happy with. You have to get out there and give people a chance! After my last relationship ended, I decided to stop looking for Ms. Right and focus on other priorities in my life.
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Mrs. Grundy

One who strongly values traditional propriety. In the Thomas Morton play Speed the Plough, Mrs. Grundy is a character known for her zeal for proper conduct. You can't wear jeans to this dinner party! Your grandmother will be there, and she is basically Mrs. Grundy!

Mrs. Murphy

n. a bathroom. Whose turn is it at Mrs. Murphy’s?
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Mrs. Astor's plush horse

Ostentatious. Mrs. William Astor, the leader of New York society at the end of the 19th century, was not one to spare any expense in clothing, furnishings, or other accoutrements of the Good Life (so much for the idea of quiet old money). Her appearance and her gala parties were so sumptuous and well-known that anyone who appeared dolled up beyond normal was ridiculed as “Astor's plush [or pet] horse,” as if the formidable Mrs. A had lavished her wealth on that person as she would on a favorite plaything.
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think a farmer, (and with all his sense and all his merit Mr.
He tried to smile as he replied, "your sister's engagement to Mr.
Yes," she said, "it is a pretty place; but I fear it will be getting out of order, unless Mr.
A little later, news was brought to the bed-chamber door that old Mr.
There shall be as little lingering as possible, in your case, Mr.
It came to my knowledge, through what passed between Mrs.
But I would so much like to know what was the wrong thing Mr.
I'll go round by the Common and see you home, if you like, Mr.
How can you be such a foolish ignorant girl as to think you could afford to pay Mr.
Charles Lavington, you remember, was a solicitor," Mrs.
Margaret, I came to ask you a great favour, and I still ask it of you, though you have discovered what I had intended you should never have known that I have given Mrs.
She and Jane would have been altogether cheered (in a tearful manner) by this sign that a brother who disliked seeing them while he was living had been prospectively fond of their presence when he should have become a testator, if the sign had not been made equivocal by being extended to Mrs.
In her heart she hoped it would, but it went against her grain to hear the matter spoken of in Mrs.
As soon as I was alone, I took from my pocket one of the handbills which my excitable fellow-traveler had presented to me, so as to have it ready for Mrs.
Attentively observing what passed, and placing her own construction on looks and tones, it suddenly struck Francine that Emily herself might be in Mrs.