Mr Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy

A pleasant, tolerant, forgiving, or carefree man. Often used in the phrase "no more Mr. Nice Guy." OK, no more Mr. Nice Guy. The next person to speak out of turn gets detention. Everyone knows me as Mr. Nice Guy in the office, but I'll need to get tougher if I'm going to move up as a manager.
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ˌMr ˈNice Guy

(informal) a way of describing a man who is very honest and thinks about the wishes and feelings of other people: He is famous for being football’s Mr Nice Guy.I’ve given them plenty of chances, but now I’ve had enough. It’s no more Mr Nice Guy!
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CONTESTANT Dan Williams says he's going to play Mr Nice Guy in the Love Island villa.
THIS is the new Love Island hunk who says he's going to play Mr Nice Guy in the villa.
He added: "I said that if I did come back into the political fray, it would be no more Mr Nice Guy and I mean it."
"So if that comes across as Mr Nice Guy on the surface then great, but if it comes across as having a certain tone to me at a certain time then good too."
It should be no more Mr Nice Guy for these establishments.
GARETH Southgate is portrayed as 'Mr Nice Guy' but the England manager says those behind the scenes see a different character.
SCOTLAND skipper John Barclay insists he is not falling for Eddie Jones' Mr Nice Guy routine.
It's 46 years since these guys first visited the UK, and fans can headbang along to hits such as No More Mr Nice Guy, Muscle of Love, and School's Out.
"Remember this: Trump is going to be no more Mr Nice Guy" Donald Trump, the Republican Party's US presidential nominee, encouraging his crowd's anti-Hillary Clinton chants of "lock her up" "There is a problem with what I call drip-drip sexism.
Get to know Mr Nice Guy, but if he's not the one for you that's also OK and just move on to meeting other nice guys.
Tyson practises a few punch combinations and declares "This time, no more Mr Nice Guy" in the three-part viral which took the internet by storm.
As Cameron's spin doctors prepare him for his next session in the Commons, the order of the day will decidedly not be "no more being Mr Nice Guy".
Speaking minutes after Anthony "Mr Nice Guy" De Boise began a 13-year jail sentence, they said he had "taken so much away from us".
This is not just a prohibition of lying in a court of law, it is also about not being two-faced' appearing to be "Mr Nice Guy", while stirring up opposition or antagonism.
QMY husband is a real Mr Nice Guy, always ready to help anyone out.