Mr Big

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Mr. Big

The most important person in a group or business. Often used to describe the leader of a group of criminals. The police are determined to find Mr. Big and stop his men from terrorizing the city.
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Mr ˈBig

(informal, disapproving) the most important person in a group, an area, etc: Harry Turner, considered the local Mr Big of the criminal underworld, was found dead today at his home.
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Mr. Big

1. n. an important man; the boss man. (Also the name of a character in HBO’s Sex and the City.) So you’re Mr. Big. I thought you’d be taller.
2. n. a nickname for the head of a group of criminals, especially one who wants to remain anonymous. Lefty was asked to pay a visit to Mr. Big, and Lefty was scared.
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Fizzy, foamy, gummy and gobstopping-ly delightful, Mr Big Tops' sweets by post are cute little boxes that pack a big flavour punch.
Mr Big, however, is revealed to be the disguised alter ego of Dr.
Mr Big in set a cat among then he said he thought or once and for all vie.
Peter Toole schools Mr Big over Grand National fences at Charlie Mann's Lambourn yard
The audience will be asked to solve the mystery of how Mr Big died.
For those who don't know who Mr Big is, let me give you a quick overview.
Neurotic writer Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is starting to realise that marriage to Mr Big (Chris Noth) isn't everything she hoped it would be.
Dear Editor, Ronnie Biggs should be let free, given a bus pass and then asked if a Mr Big character was behind the GTR - and if so, who was he?
With vibrant colours and simplicity of images the underlying message of 'never judge a book by its cover' is sheeted home firmly but subtly as Mr Big finds his place--through his talent as a musician.
Throughout the week there will be daily free events taking place in Symphony Hall's cafe bar, whilst over at Town Hall there are appearances from dinosaurs in Dinosaur Zoo (Tuesday), and a jazz-loving gorilla in Mr Big Plays Jazz (Wednesday), as well as illustrator Lydia Monks (The Big Draw, Wednesday) and comedian James Cameron (Comedy 4 Kids, Wednesday).
In this version, Mr Big (Christian Grey in the book) is a back-to-work interviewer at the dole office while Maggie is, according to the programme, 'a feisty female'.
ho played Mr Big in set a cat among then he said he thought or once and for all vie.
The Irish Sunday Mirror has learned the IRA killers first clashed with Mr Big in 2005.
Last year's winner Mr Big is on target to attempt the double, but 2010 winning rider Capt Harry Wallace is on duty with the Royal Artillery commandos in Afghanistan and his place will go to multiple military-race winning rider Lt Col Ollie Ellwood, who is coming out of retirement for the day.
SEX And The City's Mr Big has revealed how he had to get Mr Slightly-Smaller for the show's big-screen sequel.