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A memorable day for Godolphin was completed by the victory of Morton's Fork in the Ladbrokes Sandown Guineas over a mile, meaning Bin Suroor, Appleby and John O'Shea had all won stakes races on the same card - a unique feat for the operation.
It is a true Hobson's choice--or maybe Morton's fork.
The unfortunate owners of systems that cannot be upgraded before the stage 2 deadline will--through no fault of their own--be faced with a Morton's fork of replacing their EHR on short notice or abandoning their quest for stage 2 attestation.
This is the three-pronged Morton's Fork (a selection of choices that really lead to the same outcome) that appears to greet any customer looking to buy health insurance primarily to protect themselves against the possibility of mental illness.
It's a Christmassy conundrum that would have Stephen Hawkings virtually scratching his head, a Morton's fork of a double-bind and no mistake.
com)-- Windy City Publishers is proud to announce the release of Morton's Fork, a new novel by Dale Coy, M.
But Hamas, which has proven to be as astute politically as it is ruthless militarily, maneuvered Israel into a Morton's Fork - a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives.
North, with ace to three diamonds, will now be in a Morton's Fork situation.
In the meantime, the Rangers fans are once again left with what they call Morton's Fork - two choices, both undesirable.
So the situation is actually what is known as a Morton's Fork - a choice between two alternatives which lead to the same unpleasant conclusion.
Ms Davison wrote to Mr Morton, of Morton's Fork caterers, telling him: "This is bizarre.
Maybe it's what they call Morton's Fork - two choices which would yield equally undesirable results.