Morning dreams come true

(early) morning dreams come true

The superstitious notion that dreams one has in the very early hours before one wakes up are fated to happen in real life. A: "You see! I told you that would happen—Morning dreams really do come true!" B: "Bah! That's just a coincidence!" My mother always believed that early morning dreams came true, so if she had a bad dream before waking up, she'd refuse to leave the house. A: "I can't believe I had a dream last night that I won the lottery." B: "Here's hoping that early morning dreams come true for us!"
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Morning dreams come true.

Prov. If you dream something in the morning, it will really happen. (According to a superstition.) As I was sleeping through the sound of my alarm clock this morning, I dreamed I was late to work. That morning dream definitely came true.
See also: come, dream, morning, true
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