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the full monty

1. slang All of the options, elements, or details available; the whole thing in its entirety. Sometimes capitalized as "full Monty" or "Full Monty." Primarily heard in UK. I don't want the basic package—I want the full monty! A: "Want to hear about my date?" B: "Yes! Don't gloss over anything—give me the full Monty!"
2. slang A state of total nudity. Primarily heard in UK. I'm so embarrassed. I was still in the Full Monty after my shower when Pete walked in on me!
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the full monty

If you say that something is the full monty, you mean that it is as complete or extreme as possible. The band opened with two new songs. They're promising the full monty at their two Brixton Academy shows. It's £35 for two courses and £50 for the full monty.
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the full monty

the full amount expected, desired, or possible. informal
The origin of this expression is unclear. Among various, though unsubstantiated theories, one cites as the source the phrase the full Montague Burton , apparently meaning ‘a complete three-piece suit’ (from the name of a tailor of made-to-measure clothing in the early 20th century). Another theory recounts the possibility of a military origin, with the full monty being ‘the full cooked English breakfast’ insisted upon by Field Marshal Montgomery .
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the ˌfull ˈmonty

the full amount that people expect or want: They’ll do the full monty (= take off all their clothes) if you pay them enough.This expression may refer to Field Marshal Montgomery (‘Monty’), who insisted on a full cooked English breakfast wherever he went; or it might refer to a full three-piece suit from the tailors Montague Burton.
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