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The monthly meetings of the Brick Lane Branch of the United Grand Junction Ebenezer Temperance Association were held in a large room, pleasantly and airily situated at the top of a safe and commodious ladder.
There were many people in the place of assembly, for it was the day of the monthly meeting of the council of the headmen, and there also were all the women of the kraal, and at their head stood Zinita.
We presently have two monthly meetings in North Wales the rst ursday of each month at the Ex-Serviceman's Club in Wrexham and the third Monday of the month at the Waverley Hotel in Bangor," he said.
Ex-Ministers also agreed to continue of holding such monthly meetings.
Member donations at the monthly meetings also help to raise scholarship funds.
All ex-service and Royal British Legion branch bearers are invited to attend the monthly meetings, at which time details are given by secretary Geoff Wells of parade attendances.
Club activities include monthly meetings with guest speakers, cultural tours, lunches, dinners, golf, tennis, bridge, mahjong, charity fund raising and various language conversation groups.
Courtesy of StAR, you have one year of free membership in MTNA, and the professional members of the local organization have been sending you invitations to attend their monthly meetings.
A2: You increase your knowledge and understanding of the industry by attending informative monthly meetings and "picking the brains" of your peers and fellow members who are there to help.
Wainman organized training sessions for licensed staff, then followed with monthly meetings for all nursing staff.
Faced with the daunting task of attending two monthly meetings, Hart found herself facing a hectic commute.
The Westlake Village Art Guild features demonstrations by noted artists at its monthly meetings and recently hosted Elin Pendleton, well-known throughout Southern California for her equine oil paintings.
At monthly meetings, citizens in the community bring specific concerns they may have to the attention of police.
In order to more fully engage the region's residents and elected leaders in discussions impacting the future of South Florida, the South Florida Regional Planning Council holds its regular monthly meetings in different parts of the region to improve accessibility.
This type of information is also shared at each of our monthly meetings.
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