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upwardly mobile

Ascending or having the ability to ascend in social rank, esteem, or class. I was worried that Janet's wealthy parents would think I wasn't upwardly mobile enough to go out with their daughter. It wasn't until I received my uncle's large inheritance that I became in any way upwardly mobile.
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downwardly mobile

Descending or having the ability to descend in social rank, esteem, or class. If we lose all our savings, we'll become downwardly mobile.
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upwardly mobile

If someone is upwardly mobile, they are moving to a higher social position. The Party has been unable to attract upwardly mobile voters. Note: You can describe people who are moving to a lower social position as downwardly mobile. I'm the only downwardly mobile one. My brother's a barrister, and my sister is a barrister who married a High Court judge.
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downwardly (or upwardly) mobile

moving to a lower (or higher) social position; losing (or gaining) wealth and status.
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nerd mobile

n. a full-sized, uninteresting car; a family car. My father always buys some kind of stupid nerd mobile.
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Advertising on mobile is much more targeted than on the web because handsets are personal and it is possible to identify users along with their phones, operators and countries to deliver customized advertising.
This latest Bango initiative taps into the appetite for mobile advertising by leading brands.
Nowadays, the industrialization of mobile payment application emerges as handsets gradually replace cash and credit card in the payment of some shops and automatic seller machines.
Currently, there are five accesses to mobile payment: STK, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), USSD, WAP and WWW.
However, to most operators' disappointment, mobile payment did not develop as well as expected.
The dotmobi domain, set for commercial launch this summer, will revolutionise the relationship between the internet and mobile devices by the clear identification of made-for-mobile internet sites and applications.
As mobile messaging continues to gain momentum in Europe and Asia, we are proud to be a partner of TCL & Alcatel Mobiles Phones, working together to deliver to the consumers in these regions an unique and simple mobile IM experience," said Skuli Mogensen, CEO of OZ.
From April 2002 until April 2003, the number of GSM mobile users soared from 8.
Siemens' approach is based on GSM, the de facto global standard for mobile telecommunication now offered in all five continents with more than 824 million users and a market share of almost 70 percent.
Today's agreement between IRIS Distribution and Groove Mobile is an important step for independent artists seeking to leverage the power of mobile music services.
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The agreement offers significant commercial benefits and will enhance Mobile Streams' ability to license premium content from media companies while affording Liberty and TruePosition access to Mobile Streams' expertise in mobile content and technology.
Bringing true "desktop-equivalent" graphics capabilities to notebook PCs for the first time, S3(R) Incorporated (NASDAQ: SIII) today announced the Savage/MX(TM) and Savage/IX(TM) 3D mobile accelerators.