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be (one's) own master

To not be subject to or controlled by others, especially at work or at home. I have to be my own master, so I couldn't work in a big company like you and have to answer to a boss.
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be (one's) own mistress

Of a woman, to not be subject to or controlled by others, especially at work or at home. I have to be my own mistress, so I couldn't work in a big company like you and have to answer to a boss.
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be your own ˈmaster/ˈmistress

be free to make your own decisions rather than being told what to do by somebody else: There’s no point trying to tell him what to do. He’s his own master, as you know.
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However, given the class divide between mistresses and maids, although informal social help is often given by mistresses, it is seldom a mistress would allow a mere servant to make use of her mistress' social capital unreservedly.
"I am not a home-wrecker," she said, adding: "Although I enjoyed our time together, I never was and never will be one of Tiger's mistresses."
But Dr Papadopoulous warns: "Mistresses get into this very difficult cycle of believing he'll leave his wife, believing him when he says he only stays for the kids.
Mistresses stars Shelley Conn, Orla Brady, Sarah Parish and Sharon Small.
Thousands have flocked to see this unusual series of exhibitions which set out to show that maintaining huge households such as these was never an all-male preserve and that there were some very special Maids And Mistresses living and working both below and above stairs.
The data from this paper were collected from my in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with ten wage-earning mistresses and thirty-one domestic workers in a medium-sized city in the Philippines, with the help of gatekeepers and through snowball sampling.
Jess and I didn't much like the ferry and we clung to our mistresses and were so glad to ger back on dry land.
It is an A to Z listing of a great number of women that have had an effect on the course of history who could be considered to have been mistresses at some point in their lives.
Here is some of Victoria's expert advice for actual and would-be mistresses.
Three young girls from different backgrounds converge on a social circle where men are expected to have mistresses and mistresses expect jewels.
SIXTEEN per cent of women are or have been mistresses.
The slaves in these paintings often hold out pearls, coral, or other valuables to their mistresses, and Hall elegantly points out that these riches are not simply metaphors.
In two essays on deciphering the "real" existences of elegiac mistresses, Wyke offers a compelling argument that "Cynthia is depicted as matter for poetic composition, not as a woman to be wooed through writing" ("Written Women" 48; see also "Mistress and Metaphor").
While this current work is only a preliminary study, it is clear that further examination of the role of mistresses has the potential for revealing societal structures in cities under signorial rule in Renaissance Italy that were very different from the models of family dynamics than have been put forward for the republics of Florence and Venice.
Randel Latoza, the jail warden, said they use biometrics-getting the fingerprints of visitors-to screen out mistresses or even sex workers from getting inside the prison which houses around 2,800 inmates.