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morning glory

and morning missile
n. a morning erection. Always happy to see the morning glory. Bobby has a morning missile instead of an alarm clock.
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morning missile

See also: missile, morning
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The Bush administration's concentration upon the 'rogue state' ballistic missile threat means inadequate attention is being devoted to the threat emerging from cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.
Countries are shifting to longer range ballistic missiles," he said.
The Maintenance and Technical Support Depot is a multi-million dollar HIMAD missile inspection facility that enables the RSADF to inspect missiles in the Kingdom, precluding the requirement to send them back to the U.
Known technically as Man-Portable Air Defense Systems, or MANPADS, such missiles are in some ways an ideal weapon for the al Qaedas of the world.
The PAC-3 missile, when deployed in a Patriot battery, will significantly increase the Patriot system's firepower, since 16 PAC-3 missile load-out on a Patriot launcher, compared with four Patriot PAC-2 missiles.
None of these countries, however, currently has ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States.
American sanctions have the effect of retarding test flights, slowing the growth of accurate missiles with powerful warheads, and forcing delays in production of militarily significant numbers of missiles.
If the Russians saw a first strike coming, they could launch their own missiles before the U.
Road-mobile SS-25 missiles roll off the assembly line in an effort to reach the START II-mandated limit of 1,100 mobile ICBMs.
This report offers detailed analysis of the global Missiles & Missile Defense Systems market over the next ten years, and provides extensive market size forecasts by country and sub sector.
The Global Missiles and Missile Defense Systems Market 2013-2023 - Country Analysis: Market Profile" provides details of the key markets in each region, offering an analysis of the top segments of Missiles and Missile Defense Systems, expected to be in demand.
North Korean flew two medium-range ballistic missiles over the Japanese island of Hokkaido earlier this year and has threatened to bracket the U.
The US regularly tests its missile-defense systems, and this was the second time one of its Standard Missile-6 missiles successfully intercepted a medium-range ballistic missile, the agency said.